Service Opportunities

Holy Sews

Holy Sews is a non-for-profit organization that provides clothing for miscarried and still born babies that are too small to fit into even preemie sized clothes.  The clothing is specially designed to support certain areas of the baby’s body that are especially fragile due to the lack of development.

Supplies are donated to the organization from all over.  These supplies are split into kits to create one piece of clothing.  These kits are put together by volunteers.  The clothing pieces are then distributed to hospitals and birthing centers in Arkansas to be distributed to families in these situations. Currently the organization is expanding and sending kits to locations in 3 other US states, and 1 Canadian location.

The Student Council has volunteered to help assemble the loose supplies into kits. The scheduled work days are Sunday, February 19th and Sunday, March 11th. From 1:30-4:30pm.

We will be working at Our Lady of Holy Souls Catholic Church. Located at 1003 North Tyler Street.  Please e-mail Student Council President Charia ( if you plan on attending.