University and College Events

Spring/Summer Blood Drive Dates

  • February 16-17               COPH
  • March 8-9                        COPH
  • April 12-13                      COPH
  • May 10-11                       COPH
  • June 14-15                       Hospital Gallery
  • July 12-13                        Hospital Gallery

Drives will be held from 10am-5pm
**Student contest runs through the April blood drive**

For more information visit:

Global Health Group Committees:

What we’d love is for you to choose (if you want) any project you might be interested in and let us know in what capacity you want to help get it going (i.e. serving on a committee to organize the event, actually working the event, heading up the committee, anything else your heart desires).

Inter-disciplinary Community Health Fair:  Community Service & Outreach Committee

  • The intention of this project is to use power of numbers and integrate knowledge we have from our respected colleges to really get out there and educate the underserved communities about health care and what’s available to them.  This would include screenings, tips on managing chronic conditions, potentially pointing people towards free healthcare clinics in town, etc.

Organizing a trip abroad:  Global Outreach Committee

  • This is clearly something a lot of people are interested in.  The trick is finding a project that wouldn’t be considered “medical tourism”; rather, a project working closely with people of that community that’s sustainable.  Anjali has leads to an organization in Tibet, and Dr. Liggin has several contacts as well. Dr. Liggin wants to be involved in getting this idea or any others going.  Any project organized needs to be approved by her to assure that it meets the “sustainable” requirement. If you have any ideas or want to be involved, sign up!

Adopt-a-non-profit:  Fundraising Committee

  • As a group we went to adopt a nonprofit that is doing work abroad that we want to support and have fundraisers throughout the year to help them out.  This will assure we’re forming close ties with a certain group in an international community. The “committee” in charge of this would nominate non-profits that the whole group will vote on to pick who we’d like to sponsor, and then organize fundraisers and awareness events throughout the year.

Professional Development/Speakers:  Professional Development Committee

  • We aim to have multiple global health related speakers come and speak about their experiences.  If you want to help in getting speakers, sign up!  The more representation from various colleges, the better.  This group is aimed towards everyone so we want speakers from every field! Also let us know what YOU are interested in learning more about.

Global Health Newsletter:  Community Awareness Committee

  • Our COPH rep, Sarah Vestel, would like to start a Global Health newsletter to keep the UAMS community aware of projects, activities, trips, etc happening on campus, and she would love help if anyone else is interested in getting something like this together.

Community Service Projects:  Community Service & Outreach Committee

  • There are two projects that are currently trying to get off the ground, and we are SO sorry that it has taken so long to do this (it is not because we are not working hard on them!). As soon as there is more information on them, we will definitely e-mail the group. If anyone has ideas of ways our group can get involved in the Little Rock community, please let us know!!

You can sign up for any of these groups by e-mailing with your name, college, e-mail, and which group(s) you would like to be involved in and how. Leadership roles in any of these groups are open and everyone is welcome to any member of the group, so please let us know if you’d like to take any of these groups on! Also, if you attended the meeting, please still e-mail to sign up and reaffirm your interest!