Promotion and Tenure Question Form

Your Questions are Important!

The Promotion and Tenure Committee has been charged with the following:

Make recommendations regarding CHP Promotion and Tenure Guidelines, including:

  1. criteria for promotion and tenure,
  2. membership requirements for the Promotion and Tenure Committee
  3. promotion and tenure process,
  4. other aspects of the guidelines deemed by the committee to be in need of improvement.

Click here to view the current and proposed Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Enter your questions regarding proposed changes in the box below. All submissions are anonymous, or feel free to submit your name with your feedback if you prefer. The primary changes include:

  1. reorganization of document (see Table of Contents)
  2. added definition section
  3. added appointment section
  4. added collegiality as consideration for promotion and tenure
  5. minimum rank for committee service = Associate Professor
  6. revised criteria for rank (see Table 1)
  7. added special ranks (a) distinguished professor, (b) university professor, and (c) emeritus status as defined by Board Policy, and
  8. added citations and references.

We value your questions, thank you for taking time to submit your comments!

Sincerely, CHP Promotion and Tenure Committee