Cost of Attending UAMS/CHP

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Shown below are fees for 2015-16.  Fees are subject to change without notice by action of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, so contact the department chairman prior to registration to learn the exact fees.  NOTE THAT PAYMENT OF ALL FEES IS DUE AT REGISTRATION.

Registration Fees

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in CHP programs, including post-bachelor’s degree certificates and the M.I.S. and Au.D. degree programs, pay an hourly rate for tuition. Graduate students enrolled in the UAMS Graduate School, including M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs, and who are enrolled in 9 SC or fewer pay an hourly rate, with 10 SC or more considered a full-time load.

Undergraduate Programs (Except Emergency Medical Technician Program)Arkansas Resident $245.00/Semester Credit
Emergency Medical Technician ProgramArkansas Resident $109.00/Semester Credit
Undergraduate Programs (including EMT and EMS-P Certificate and Associate Degree)Non-resident $561.00/Semester Credit
Post-baccalaureate Programs (Audiology, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Dietetics and Nutrition, Genetic Counseling, Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate*, and Radiologist Assistant)Arkansas Resident $368.00/Semester Credit
Non-resident$795.00/Semester Credit
Physician AssistantArkansas Resident $6,000.00/Per Semester (flat fee)
Non-resident $10,000.00/Per Semester (flat fee)
Physical TherapyArkansas Resident $10,000.00/Per Semester (flat fee)
Non-resident $15,000.00/Per Semester (flat fee)
*For NMAA program: If student is an Arkansas resident, or University of Missouri at Columbia GEORGIA REGENTS UNIVERSITY or St. Louis University student, they are considered Arkansas Residents---Anywhere else, students are considered Out of State for fee paying purposes.

Note: Some undergraduate CHP programs admit only full-time students (at least 12 SC per semester).

For the latest information on registration fees, please call the College of Health Professions Welcome Center (501) 686-5730.

Standards to Establish Residency

The classification of Arkansas resident or non-resident is determined on the basis of legal domicile of the student.  A student/applicant who is financially independent will be evaluated based on his/her own circumstances.  A student who is a dependent of a parent or guardian will be evaluated based on the parent(s)/guardian(s) circumstances.  One parent or guardian must qualify as an Arkansas resident in order for a dependent student/applicant to claim state residency.  Each of the following standards must be met in order for state residency status to be granted. The applicant/student has:

  1. Physically resided in Arkansas for at least twelve consecutive months in the permanent home (a bona fide domicile) and was not a student at any Arkansas higher education institution during those twelve months.
  2. Maintains a permanent connection to the state and has an expectation of remaining in the state beyond graduation.
  3. Earned a minimum of $4000 gross taxable income in the state during the twelve consecutive months prior to application.

Applicants or continuing students may request a change in their classification by completing an Application for Change of Residency Status form available in the CHP Welcome Center and on the CHP website.  Please note, completing an application for reclassification is not a guarantee that a change in resident status will be granted.

Native Americans in other states belonging to tribes which formerly lived in Arkansas before relocation, and whose names are on the rolls in tribal headquarters, shall be classified as in-state students of Arkansas for tuition and fee purposes (but not for consideration for admission) on all campuses of the University of Arkansas. Tribes so identified include the Caddo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Osage, and Quapaw.

Students residing in Bowie and Cass counties in Texas are eligible for in-state tuition and fees (but are not considered Arkansas residents for purposes of admission).  For more information about registration fees, contact the CHP Welcome Center, Administration West, 328C.  Telephone:  (501) 686-5730.

University Administrative Memorandum 540.1 allows waiving of tuition and fees for dependents of Arkansas citizens who are prisoners of war or missing or killed in action. “Dependent” means a spouse of prisoner of war or person declared to be missing or killed in action, or any child born before or during the period of time its father or mother served as a prisoner of war or was declared a person missing or killed in action, or any child legally adopted or in the legal custody of the father or mother prior to and during the time the father served as a prisoner of war or was declared to be a person missing or killed in action. Contact the CHP Welcome Center for details.

Special Fees

Special fees, subject to change, which may be charged by the College are as follows:

Fee NameCost
Recurring Fees
University Services Fee$420/semester, Fall and Spring semesters (Undergraduate students taking six hours or more and Graduate students taking five hours or more)
$210/semester, Fall and Spring semesters (Undergraduate students taking less than six hours and Graduate students taking less than five hours)
Student Health Fee*$141.00/semester, Fall and Spring semesters
Technology Fee$105.00/semester, Fall and Spring semesters
Student Liability Insurance$13.00/year (charged in Fall semester)
Malpractice Insurance - Physician Assistant program$150.00/year
Malpractice Insurance - Physical Therapy $13.00/year (charged in Fall semester)
Student Activity Fee**$25.00/semester, Fall and Spring semesters
Parking Fee***$78.00/semester, Fall and Spring semesters
$39.00/semester, Summer semester only
Dental Hygiene Instrumentation Fee (Dental Hygiene program only)$400/semester, Fall and Spring semesters
Late Registration Fee$50.00/semester
Lab FeesVary by program. See Individual Program Cost Charts
One-time Fees
Application Fee$40.00 per program
Enrollment Deposit**** (all programs except Physician Assistant)$60.00
Enrollment Deposit**** (Physician Assistant Program)$300.00
Graduation Fee$80.00 (charged during the last semester before Graduation)
*Students enrolled 100% online will not pay the Student Health Fee
**Distance Learning Students will not be charged a Student Activity Fee
***Exceptions: Masters in Communication Sciences & Disorders, Health Information Technology/Administration, Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate, and Radiologist Assistant are 100% exempt from the Parking Fee
****Enrollment deposits are used to secure the student's spot in the program. This deposit will be credited towards the student's first semester's tuition.

The application fee is assessed to defray costs associated with initiating and maintaining applicant records and must accompany the application form.

Health Insurance Requirement

Students enrolled at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are required by University of Arkansas Board policy (Policy 1260.1) to have health insurance coverage at all times. The responsibility for obtaining health insurance coverage rests with the student. Students are urged to investigate for themselves the policy best suited to meet their particular needs. Students are encouraged to confirm their coverage under their existing plan of insurance prior to registration or, if they do not have any existing insurance, obtain such coverage.  A Student Injury and Sickness plan offered by Academic Health Plans is available to all UAMS students.  The amount reflected on this line is an estimated cost of plan offered by Academic Health Plans.  A summary of the plan’s coverage, eligibility requirements, and instructions for enrollment of students and their eligible dependents as well as contact information for a UAMS representative that can assist you is detailed at this link

Housing Fees

A newly constructed residence hall opened in the fall of 2006. Room descriptions, rates, and application procedures can be found on the UAMS student activities and housing Webpage at:

For further information contact: Director of Student Activities and Housing, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 4301 West Markham, Slot 536, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205. Telephone: (501) 686-5850.

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees are charged by some departments and vary by semester and program.  Please see your program’s Cost of Program page for the most up to date information.

Enrollment Deposit For All Programs Excluding Physician Assistant Applicants

Although not a fee, an enrollment deposit of $60.00 is due upon acceptance into the College and is not refundable, but is applied to the first term tuition. (Contact the department chairman for further information.)

Enrollment Deposit For Physician Assistant Applicants Only

A tuition deposit of $300.00 will be required from physician assistant program applicants who are accepted into the program. The tuition deposit is utilized to hold a position in the cohort and will be applied to the student’s tuition expenses once the student matriculates into the program. The tuition deposit is not refundable to accepted applicants who choose not to enroll into the program. The deadline for the college to receive the tuition deposit will be three (3) weeks after the application has been officially notified of acceptance by the program.

Refund of Fees

Students officially withdrawing may be eligible for a refund calculated as a percentage of the registration fees. Such refunds are determined according to the schedules below. Special fees are not refundable. Refund of housing deposits and overpayment of rental fees are made after the occupant has checked out of University Housing and after all Housing Policy requirements have been met.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Students officially withdrawing from the University during a fall or spring semester shall be entitled to a refund of registration fees as follows:

SemesterStudents Who Withdraw:Will Receive Refund of:
FallOn/Before the 5th Day100%
On/Before the 10th Day50%
After the 10th Day0%
SpringOn/Before the 5th Day100%
On/Before the 10th Day50%
After the 10th Day0%

Fall and Spring Semesters

Students officially dropping one or more courses and who continue to be enrolled in the University during a fall or spring semester shall be entitled to individual course refunds as follows:

SemesterStudents Who Withdraw:Will Receive Refund of:
FallOn/Before the 5th Day100%
On/Before the 10th Day50%
After the 10th Day0%
SpringOn/Before the 5th Day100%
On/Before the 10th Day50%
After the 10th Day0%

Summer Session

Students who drop a course or officially withdraw from the University during a summer session shall be entitled to an adjustment as follows:

Length of CourseStudents Who Withdraw:Will Receive Refund of:
1 - 4 weeksBefore the 1st Day of Class100%
On/After the 1st Day of Class0%
5 - 6 weeksOn/Before the 1st Day of Class100%
On/Before the 3rd Day of Class50%
After the 3rd Day of Class0%
7 - 9 weeksOn/Before the 2nd Day of Class100%
On/Before the 5th Day of Class50%
After the 5th Day of Class0%
10 - 12 weeksOn/Before the 4th Day of Class100%
On/Before the 9th Day of Class50%
After the 9th Day of Class0%

The date you file a completed Application for Official Withdrawal at the Dean’s Office governs the amount of your refund. An Application for Official Withdrawal is not considered complete without all necessary signatures.

Students who choose to withdraw from one or more courses must do so officially, using the the proper forms and procedures, to avoid adverse effects on their transcripts and grades.