Program Curriculum

A minimum of 52 semester credits (SC) are required in the program.  The following 52 credit sample degree plan demonstrates a program that meets the credit minimum:

Course #TitleCredits
Year 1
CSDM 5093Neurogenic Language Disorders3
CSDM 5113Language Assessment & Therapy3
CSDM 5133Infant-Toddler Communication3
CSDM 5163Auditory Based Speech/Language Intervention3
CSDM 5051Practicum1
CSDM 5013Research Methods in Communication Disorders3
CSDM 5192Neurogenic Speech Disorders2
CSDM 5213Dysphagia3
CSDM 5273Advanced Differential Diagnosis of Speech and Language Disorders3
CSDM 5051Practicum1
CSDM 5183Advanced Articulation Disorders3
CSDM 5282Assessment and Treatment of Literacy Disorders2
CSDM 5051Practicum1
Year 2
CSDM 5042Augmentative and Alternative Communication2
CSDM 5122Fluency Disorders2
CSDM 5293Multicultural Issues3
CSDM 5363Independent Research OR3
CSDM 5201Thesis (choose one)
CSDM 5051Practicum1
CSDM 5152Organization and Administration of Clinical Programs2
CSDM 5353Voice Disorders3
CSDM 5051Practicum1
Additional requirements:
All students will choose 2 electives from the following courses:
ABIN 5113Family Centered Intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing3
CSDM 5202Topics in Speech Pathology2-3
CSDM 5142Sociolinguistics2
CSDM 5173Counseling in Communication Disorders3
CSDM 5262Craniofacial Speech Disorders2
CSDM 5304Independent Study1-3
CSDM 5201Thesis3

Students will excel academically earning grades of “C” or better and at a minimum maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0 to remain in good academic standing. Consequences for not meeting these requirements are on a case-by-case basis as reviewed by the academic and clinical faculty, which may include repeating courses, academic probation and remediation, or dismissal from the program. The M.S. program academic handbook should be consulted for more specific information.  A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to earn the degree.

The course work represents a minimum of 44 credits of classroom courses, 5 credits of practicum, and either 3 credits of independent research or 6 credits of thesis. A minimum of 52 SC are required for graduation.