• Training in well established internship program with over 500 graduates.
  • Training in multiple facilities with a wide variety of preceptors
  • Close involvement of two full-time internship faculty members
  • Stipend
  • 12 hours of graduate credit earned
  • Graduate credit accepted in the UAMS Clinical Nutrition Master of Science Program
  • Administrative training in one of the largest VA Hospital Food and Nutrition Departments
  • Training in three teaching hospitals
  • Resources available from several medical libraries including the state’s largest
  • 5 months of VA service credit obtained
  • Community training including the Arkansas State Health Department, UAMS Head Start and UA Cooperative Extension
  • Opportunities to attend wide range of medical rounds at an academic medical center
  • Training in counseling utilizing standardized patients in the UAMS Clinical Skills Center
  • Non-competitive career-conditional or career appointments of student trainees who have successfully completed an affiliated clinical education training program in a VA health care facility
  • Exposure to clinical specialty training including pediatrics, bone marrow transplants, diabetes management programs, geriatrics, and ambulatory care
  • Training in the VA paperless medical record using state-of-the-art computer technology for patient care and administrative activities
  • Ability to collaborate with other health care professionals
  • Possible debt reduction of student loans available at some VA facilities upon employment

Graduates’ Comments on Program Strengths from Exit Surveys:

  • “Faculty very interested in us receiving quality education”
  • “Very well rounded program, many different experiences, great faculty, instill desire to excel”
  • “Introduction to a wide variety of areas helped develop a broad range of entry level skills”
  • “Program instilled professionalism in students”