Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition Adding More Courses Online

NUTR 5032 Assessment of Nutritional Status

A study of nutritional assessment systems and methodology including the latest technology in dietary, biochemical, anthropometric, and clinical evaluation. Emphasis is placed on the design of systems, the interpretation of indices for all age groups in health and disease, and the application of data in nutritional counseling and consultation.  Prerequisites: undergraduate courses in biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, food science or equivalents.

NUTR 5063 Medical Nutrition Therapy

Online course introducing nutrition as a medical specialty from the perspective of disease prevention and treatment including assessment, patient interviewing strategies, medical terminology, nutrition care plan techniques, and prevention strategies.  Prerequisites:  a course in nutrition and inorganic biochemistry or equivalent and consent of faculty.

NUTR 5103 Nutrition and Metabolism: Macronutrients

Reviews cell function, including acid-base balance, utilization of macronutrients in metabolic processes, and roles of specific nutrients in human metabolism.  Relationship of physiology and organ system functions to nutrition is addressed.  Alteration in metabolic processes caused by specific diseases will be discussed.

NUTR 5143 Nutrition Research & Statistical Methods

A study of research designs, statistics, and data collection methods used in nutrition research. Emphasis on planning metabolic, epidemiological, educational, and clinical studies including food composition and nutritional assessment surveys with basic and advanced statistical applications.  Prerequisite:  Graduate level course in Statistics (BIOM 5013) and consent of faculty.

NUTR 5203 Geriatric Nutrition

Examines the relationships between nutrition and physiologic aging.  The impact of aging on nutritional requirements, effects of chronic and acute disease, effects of nutrition on the aging process, and nutrition programs for older adults are explored.  Students will actively analyze and discuss research literature.  Prerequisite: graduate course in metabolism, nutrition assessment, and advanced clinical nutrition and consent of faculty.

NUTR 5223 Nutrition in Health Promotion, Wellness, and Athletics

Describe the application of advanced principles of normal and preventive nutrition in health and fitness, physical performance, disease prevention, and health promotion in dietetic practice.  It relates clinical research in exercise physiology to decision-making in wellness and sports nutrition counseling.  Prerequisites:  NUTR 5103, NUTR 5153, NUTR 5033 and consent of faculty.

NUTR 5243 Community Nutrition
This course will provide students with a framework to approach, analyze and work with community nutrition problems.  Needs of different populations and various resources within the community will be discussed.  The course will cover areas such as community needs assessment, nutrition education, public policy, grant writing and communication skills needed for various audiences.  Prerequisites include either NUTR 5103 or NUTR 5153 or NUTR 5333 or consent of the faculty.  Off-site activities will be necessary to fulfill the requirements for this course.