Prerequisite Courses

Those applying to the Bachelor of Science program in Health Information Administration must have an Associate’s degree successfully completed in Health Information Technology or related area. Any courses not taken from an accredited CAHIIM Health Information Management program may not transfer as HIT courses. Any associate degree lacking any general education courses as listed below and/or any associate degree level HIT courses must have those courses taken prior to acceptance in the BS program at UAMS.

The curriculum required for the Associate’s degree in Health Information Technology at UAMS can be found by clicking here.

In addition to the total 77 SC hours from the associate degree in Health Information Technology, the student will take 43 SC hours within the HIA courses which totals 120 SC hours for the BS degree in HIA.

General Education courses needed:    38 SC hours
Associate’s degree in HIT:                      39 SC hours
Pre-Requisite Sub-Total:                      77 SC hours
Bachelor’s degree in HIA:                       43 SC hours
TOTAL HOURS:                                     120 SC hours

General Education Courses

Area/Typical Course TitleMinimum Semester Credit
English Composition
Two-semester sequence of English Composition6
Speech Communication
Fundamentals of Speech or Speech Communication3
College Algebra (or higher level Mathematics)3
Two-semester sequence of Anatomy and Physiology with laboratories*8
Fine Arts
Architecture, Film, Photography, Music, Art or Theater
Philosophy, Political Science, Literature, or Humanities
History of the United States or National Government3
Introduction to Sociology3
General Psychology3
Computer Concepts or Computer Fundamentals3

*Anatomy & Physiology courses must cover all body systems and include accompanying laboratory sections.  If taken at a college where this is offered in one course, the student must take an additional 4 SC laboratory biology course to satisfy the 8 SC of laboratory science.

Associate’s Degree in HIT Curriculum Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
HIMT 1101Clinical Laboratory I1
HIMT 1102Clinical Laboratory II1
HIMT 1301Medical Terminology3
HIMT 1304Pathophysiology with Pharmacology3
HIMT 1307Applied Systems3
HIMT 1308Health Record Systems & Issues3
HIMT 1309ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding & Classification System3
HIMT 2101Clinical Practice1
HIMT 2102Problem Solving Seminar1
HIMT 2103Exam & Workforce Prep1
HIMT 2201Legal & Ethical Issues2
HIMT 2203Preceptorship2
HIMT 2301Quality in Healthcare3
HIMT 2302Expanding Coding (CPT)3
HIMT 2303Data Management & Statistics3
HIMT 2304Supervisory Management3
HIMT 2305Intermediate Coding & Reimbursement3