Licensure and Certification

Graduates of accredited programs will be eligible for the national NMAA credentialing examination currently under development by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB).  This exam is currently offered twice per year.  The NMTCB requires candidates to indicate whether they have been convicted of a felony or have any ethics violations pending.  For more information regarding the rules and regulations you may visit the NMTCB website at

Students must have successfully completed all NMAA degree requirements to be eligible for the certification examination.  In preparation for the national certification examination, students are required to take a final comprehensive examination during the last semester in the program.  Students who are unsuccessful the first time will be given remedial work and may retake the examination one more time.  Two failures of the comprehensive examination will result in a failing grade for the final course, and the student will not graduate or qualify for the certification examination.

NMAA interns are advised that credentialing requirements for NMAAs may vary by location.  Some states, for example, may require that NMAAs be registered by the NMTCB, licensed in accordance with state regulations, and/or granted practice privileges in writing at each facility for specific procedures to be performed.  Accordingly, successful completion of the UAMS NMAA program does not in itself assure compliance with specific state practice requirements.