Program Curriculum

Students are required to complete a minimum of 41 credits.  The NMAA program is designed to be completed in five semesters and may be taken at sites distant from the main UAMS, SLU, GRU, or UMC campuses.  A flexible degree plan starting in any semester and extending the program up to a maximum of five years may be arranged, although students are strongly encouraged to complete the program in nine or fewer semesters.  The clinical internship courses must be completed in consecutive semesters with at least one didactic course per semester.  Applicants will develop individualized degree plans with the program director when they accept admission.  The courses include:*

Course #TitleSemester Credit
MISN 5311Patient Assessment3
MISN 5315Statistics and Research Methods3
MISN 5321Clinical Pharmacology3
MISN 5342Fusion and Hybrid Technology (optional)3
MISN 5413Clinical Internship I4
MISN 5423Clinical Internship II4
MISR 6341Pathophysiology & Clinical Correlation I3
MISR 6343Pathophysiology & Clinical Correlation II3
MISN 6351Healthcare Systems in America3
MISN 6433Clinical Internship III4
MISN 6443Clinical Internship IV4
MISN 6453Clinical Internship V4
MISN 6V31Research Project I3
MISN 6V42Research Project II1-3      
TOTAL41 Minimum

*Course requirements are subject to change.