Admission Requirements


In order to be eligible for admission, the applicant must complete a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, by June 1 of the year of admission. Effective immediately, applications to the DPT program will only be accepted through the PTCAS website.  Note that 24 of the 33 required hours of pre-requisite courses must be completed by the application deadline. Admission to the program for students who have completed 24 out of the required 33 credit hours will be conditional pending the completion of all prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or better before matriculation. The program has no required – or preferred – undergraduate major. UAMS recognizes that the study and practice of physical therapy is enriched by the presence of students from a variety of academic backgrounds. A demonstrated amount of academic rigor is required however, to ensure that applicants can succeed with the scholastic demands of the physical therapy curriculum.

Primary Admission Requirements

*All of this information is detailed in the PTCAS website application.  All application information to the program should be uploaded to PTCAS.

  • Completed baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution by June 1 of the year of admission.
  • 24 of the 33 required hours of prerequisite courses must be completed by the time of the application submission deadline. (see Prerequisite Coursework below)
    • Prerequisite coursework must be completed within 7 years prior to the date of the anticipated entry into the program.
    • No more than 25% of prerequisite credits can be from CLEP or AP credit and must be recognized on the granting University official transcript. Although accepted, CLEP and AP credits will not be considered in GPA calculations.
  • A minimum overall and prerequisite GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
    • If the last 60 credit hours GPA is higher than the cumulative GPA, the last 60 Hours GPA will be weighted more heavily.  If a course was repeated, program uses the highest grade earned in GPA calculations.
  • Completion of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Submitted GRE scores will be used only for program development purposes; they will not be used for making admissions decisions
    • Use Institution Code 2121 for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences PTCAS.  On the next screen, use the Department Search field to search for “Physical Therapy” and choose the result that shows Department Code 0619.
  • Completion of a minimum of 60 hours of volunteer or work experience in a variety of physical therapy settings with at least 20 hours in each of two separate settings such as outpatient, acute care, rehab/sub-acute rehab, extended care facility, nursing home, home health, wellness/prevention/fitness, industrial/occupational health, and school/preschool. Observation hours to be documented in PTCAS.
    • Note, for those starting observation hours for a future admission cycle, the PTCAS observation verification form can be found hereadobepdf_icon.
  • A separate, formal resume uploaded to PTCAS in a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document.
  • International Applicants must submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.  See International Applicants in the Admissions/Academic Information section of the College of Health Professions catalog.
  • All applicants must complete a supplementary application to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Health Professions.
  • Two letters of recommendation (documented in PTCAS), one of which should be from a licensed physical therapist. The second may be from the table below.  NOTE — applicants submitting more than two letters will be penalized:
One required reference from this specific type of evaluatorSecond reference accepted from this type of evaluatorLetter of reference NOT accepted from this type of evaluator
Physical Therapist
Teaching Assistant
Physical Therapist Assistant
Pre-PT Advisor
Health Care Professional
Family Member

Prerequisite Coursework

CourseworkSemester HoursComments
Human or Vertebrate Anatomy
Recommended focus on neuromuscular system
Course with human cadaver dissection lab preferred
Human or Vertebrate Physiology
Recommended topics include: Striated and cardiac muscle physiology, Physiology of Respiration, and Acid-Base Homeostasis
General and Specialized Courses
Recommended topics include: Histology, microbiology, immunology, developmental biology or neuroscience
Two semesters of general or specialized chemistry
Two semesters of general physics
Recommended topics include: light, heat, sound, electricity and mechanics
Recommended topics include: Biostatistics, Research Methods and Design, Hypothesis Testing, and Quantitative Analysis
General and Specialized Courses
Recommended topics include: Abnormal Psychology, Child Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Psychology of Aging

Only grades of C or higher are acceptable for all prerequisite coursework.

No transfer credits are accepted from other degree programs or physical therapy programs.  There is no advanced standing permitted in the PT program.  Required prerequisite course work graded as Pass/Fail or credit obtained by CLEP Examination or Advanced Placement (AP) will not be accepted.

All prerequisite course work must be obtained from a regionally accredited institution in the U.S.

Secondary Admission Factors**

  • UAMS recognizes that a diverse educational experience enhances the education for all students and results in additional expertise in providing care to an increasingly diverse patient population.
  • UAMS encourages applications from women, ethnic and racial minorities, veterans, rural, educationally disadvantaged, economically disadvantaged, and individuals who have prior careers outside of healthcare.
  • We value communication skills, leadership, initiative, community service, and clinical experience, as well as accomplishments in athletics, employment and research. Our goal is to recruit and educate a class which will serve the needs of a diverse patient population.
  • We consider factors not reflected in the academic record: evidence of exceptional extra-curricular achievement or work experience; evidence of having overcome social, economic or physical barriers; evidence of exceptional motivation, maturity or responsibility.
  • Extra credit given for applicants who have proficiency in a language other than English

** While these secondary factors will enhance the applicant’s competitiveness for admission, they are not, by themselves, sufficient to admit an applicant.  Incoming students must still meet primary admission requirements.

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