Didactic Curriculum

Didactic Phase (13 Months)

Course NumberCourse NameSemester Credits
Summer (15 weeks)
MPAS 5111Professional Issues I1
MPAS 5121Clinical Reasoning I1
MPAS 5131Patient Communication I1
MPAS 5342Clinical Physiology3
MPAS 5351Clinical Pharmacology3
MPAS 5441PA Gross Anatomy4
MPAS 5591Physical Assessment5
Fall (15 weeks)
MPAS 5112Professional Issues II1
MPAS 5122Clinical Reasoning II1
MPAS 5132Patient Communication II1
MPAS 5281Intro to Evidence Based Medicine2
MPAS 5252Pharmacotherapy I2
MPAS 5361Diagnostic Assessment I3
MPAS 5371Behavioral Medicine3
MPAS 5892Principles of Medicine 18
Spring (15 weeks)
MPAS 5123Clinical Reasoning III1
MPAS 5144Medical Genetics1
MPAS 5253Pharmacotherapy II2
MPAS 5282Foundations of Evidence Based Medicine2
MPAS 5362Diagnostic Assessment II3
MPAS 5372Emergency Medicine3
MPAS 5893Principles of Medicine II8
Summer (6 weeks)
MPAS 5113Professional Issues III1
MPAS 5114Professional Issues IV1
MPAS 5233Medical Ethics2
MPAS 5273Surgical Medicine2
MPAS 5143Clinical Nutrition1
MPAS 5394Principles of Medicine III3

* Required Service Learning Component – 10 hrs / semester across life span (geriatric, pediatric, adult/ diversity) during didactic phase

Total Didactic Phase Credit Hrs 69 cr.