Prerequisite Courses

Associate of Science in Medical Radiography Degree:

The following 35 SC for the associate’s degree are required from a regionally accredited college or university and must fulfill all College requirements regarding acceptance of transfer credit:

Area/Typical Course TitleMinimum Semester Credit
English Composition
Two-semester sequence of English Composition6
Speech Communication
Fundamentals of Speech or Speech Communication3
College Algebra (or higher level Mathematics)3
Two-semester sequence of Anatomy and Physiology with laboratories* **8
Fine Arts3
Architecture, Film, Photography, Music, Art or Theater
Philosophy, Political Science, Literature, or Humanities
History of the United States or National Government3
Introduction to Sociology3
General Psychology3

*Anatomy and physiology courses must cover all body systems and include accompanying laboratory sections.

**Registered Radiographers applying for the B.S. completion program must have all of the 35 required SC.

To be considered for acceptance into the Bachelor of Science program:

  1. The applicant must be a registered radiographer in good standing with the ARRT or be  certification eligible (and attain registered radiographer in good standing by the end of the semester in which they enter the program in order to proceed to the next semester in the program.)
  2. The applicant must complete all of the Associate of Science in Medical Radiography degree prerequisite course work.Actual course titles may vary among institutions. Consult the division director for preprofessional counseling.
  3. Only grades of “C” or higher are accepted in prerequisite course work.

Fulfillment of the radiologic technology preprofessional curriculum does not assure admittance into the professional program (please see Application Procedures and Deadlines).

Not more than one course in the following group will be accepted in transfer to meet degree requirements: band, studio, physical education, military science, English as a second language (ESL), manual skills.

Students entering with a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university must complete the following requirements for a CHP bachelor’s degree:

    1. 32 SC in residence;
    2. all program-specific mathematics and biological and physical science prerequisites;
    3. all program-specific professional requirements.