Program Curriculum

Bachelor of Science Degree: In addition to the 48 SC of preprofessional courses, the following 72 SC are offered in the Bachelor of Science Degree in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography professional program. All courses as listed below must be successfully completed to receive the Bachelor of Science Degree.

Course #TitleSemester Credit
Year 1
DMSO 2310Basic Patient Care3
DMSO 3211Sectional Anatomy2
DMSO 3221Gynecologic Sonography2
DMSO 3312Introductory Physics3
DMSO 3313Abdominal Sonography3
DMSO 3514Clinical Practicum I 5
DMSO 3222Advanced Physics2
DMSO 3321Sonographic Applications: Obstetrics3
DMSO 3824Clinical Practicum II 8
DMSO 4242Sonographic Conference2
DMSO 3541Clinical Practicum III5
DMSO 4342Introductory Cardiac & Vascular Sonography3
Year 2
DMSO 4241Advanced Obstetrics, Genetics, & Pathology2
DMSO 4352Doppler Sonography & Advanced Hemodynamics3
DMSO 4353 OR DMSO 4354Intermediate Vascular Sonography OR Intermediate Cardiac Sonography3
DMSO 4843Clinical Practicum IV8
DMSO 4251Cardiovascular Pathophysiology2
DMSO 4261Current Issues in Health Care2
DMSO 4363 OR DMSO 4364Advanced Vascular Sonography OR Advanced Cardiac Sonography3
DMSO 4854Clinical Practicum V8

All professional courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher for progression to the next semester and for graduation.  A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to earn the degree.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography: Students who successfully complete all 48 SC of preprofessional course work and 72 SC of the Bachelor of Science professional courses for a total of 120 SC are eligible upon graduation to receive the Bachelor of Science Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. During the summer semester senior students will select one of two areas of concentration, either vascular sonography or adult echocardiography, in order to complete their degree.