December 5, 2018

Meet Sheila Beaston, Alumni from the Emergency Medical Technician Program

Meet Sheila Beaston, alumni from our Emergency Medical Technician program. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP

My name is Sheila Beaston, and I am originally from Illinois and currently live in Greenbrier, AR. I spent 11 years at Visalia, California where I started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I went on to become a Medial Assistant, Home Health Aide, and initially passed the National Emergency Medical Technology Registry back in 1990.

In the summer of 2018, I decided to return to school and was admitted to the EMT program. It has been a wonderful and most rewarding experience to re-do my schooling with the university. I was warmly received by all here, from the administration, students, and all my Instructors. I’ve had many instructors that have years of professional experience and have very high standards for educating students. Harold Shray, Daniel Kirchner, Dennis Mitchell, and Timothy Rinehart have each had a great impact on my return to the profession.

I hope and pray that you will never need an ambulance, but if you ever find yourself in one and you are fortunate and blessed to have any of these fine young men taking care of you, you are in “good hands indeed!” These men brought the very best of their life skills and training into each class and I can tell you, there was never a dull moment! You can know that it was a real learning experience. These professionals made it their goal to see to it that their students were successful. It was my pleasure and privilege to sit and learn from them.

I try and stay active in my community by volunteering. One of the things I have enjoyed was making, “Care Caps“, with Care Caps of America. We sew these beautiful caps with many colored and lovely fabrics for people, men, women, and children who have lost their hair due to cancer and chemo treatments.

I believe God has taken notice of this great university and my career goals are that of a Medical Evangelist. Medical Evangelists preach with them, “Healing Hands” more than with words from a pulpit. They minister to the sick and the dying, to the injured, even to those with many social afflictions. They use the skills taught to them from great Universities such as UAMS.

I was asked how I see myself changing communities and the world. That is a tall question, and I feel honored to be asked. The only way I think that I could do such a thing is to acknowledge the God who has called me to be a Medical Evangelist, and I want to tell you all, it doesn’t matter how old you are and it doesn’t matter what color you are. Your belief won’t hinder you. I just turned 64, last March and I can tell you that I am just getting started.

To future students, amazing things happen at UAMS and what an exciting journey to be a part of! Students, you never know where you may be lead and how you will be asked to help. It may be a big thing or it may be a small thing. Don’t overlook the small things, it may mean life or death. Study hard, start small, pay close attention to details and if you need help don’t be afraid to ask! Your instructors are there to help you. Remember this is just the beginning and you never know where you may be lead or what great good you may be able to accomplish. So don’t quit, keep going! If you’re faced with a tough decision don’t be afraid to seek wisdom. Remember you CAN do this and be successful.