January 23, 2019

Meet Sabrina Spencer, Alumni From Our Dietetic Internship Program

Meet Sabrina Spencer, alumni from our Dietetic Internship program. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP

Hello! My name is Sabrina Spencer, and I am originally from Allen, Texas, which is just north of Dallas. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from UT Austin and recently graduated from the UAMS/CAVHS dietetic internship this past May. I am now a Registered and Licensed Dietitian upon passing the CDR exam in June (2018). Currently, I am finishing out my master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, working as a Graduate Assistant in the College of Health Professions, and acquiring new skills as a Nutrition Trainee for the LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities) program here at UAMS. I plan to graduate in May 2019, in which I hope to successfully land a job as a Clinical Dietitian thereafter. My hope is to make an impact, and I strongly believe that I can do just that, in so many ways, as a Clinical RD.

In my free time, I enjoy learning new things, from reading to listening to podcasts, staying active, and volunteering. I currently volunteer at the Arkansas Food Bank and UAMS 12th Street Clinic. Through LEND, I have also become a mentor for H.O.P.E (Health Organizations Promoting Education) Club at a local High School in Little Rock. In addition, alongside others from my dietetic internship class, I am mentoring the new class of dietetic interns. Giving back and teaching others is a big passion of mine; I get to learn even more along the way and meet so many wonderful and inspiring people!

Looking back, I never once thought I would move outside of Texas, let alone to Arkansas, but I am SO grateful for all the opportunities that I have had and everyone who has helped me reach where I am at today; I have been blessed with amazing directors, professors, friends, family, mentors, and preceptors.

I am also thankful for the challenging and enriching environment of UAMS; in order to grow, you must venture out of your comfort zone. Moving to Arkansas, continuing my education here at UAMS, and gaining profound learning opportunities and experiences has not only helped me grow as a healthcare professional but also as an individual.

My life motto is that everything happens for a reason; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and add your own sugar with the experiences, opportunities, and resources you have. Thus, my biggest motivation is knowing that I can only be better than the person I was yesterday; I continuously strive to grow and learn, from myself and others, with hopes to make a lasting impact one day.