May 2, 2019

Meet Jade DeArmond from the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences program

Meet Jade DeArmond from the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences program. She is our student feature!

My name is Jade DeArmond and I’m from the small town of Warren, Arkansas! Most recently I lived in Russellville where I got my undergraduate degree, so at heart I’m a small-town girl. Originally upon beginning the MLS program, I had planned to move to Northwest Arkansas after my graduation in December 2019. But, now that I’ve experienced living in Little Rock it’s growing on me!

I’ve always been fascinated by medicine and the science behind it, but I didn’t desire the aspect of patient care that becoming a doctor or nurse would offer. Lo and behold, I discovered Medical Laboratory Science, which seemed like the perfect fit for me. This decision has only been further confirmed after entering the program. Things that would make a normal person blanche (and as well they should!) are lunchtime conversation with the other students in my program. I have loved learning about all the different areas of lab science so far and am excited for next semester. I know how generic this sounds, but I have always wanted to help people and I want a career where I can directly affect patient lives. I’m constantly amazed to learn how much goes on behind the scenes in the lab and just how many medical decisions are based on lab expertise. In reality, you probably wouldn’t want your doctor doing the tests we perform, as only we are taught how! It’s awesome to realize how vital medical lab scientists are in the healing process.

While I’m not currently sharing in any active volunteer project, in the past I’ve been heavily involved in projects at a soup kitchen, dog shelters, and community clean-up days. I’m part of the Laboratory Science Student Association, which brings together both sides of my department and raises money for new equipment in underprivileged labs. In my free time, you’ll probably find me reading a book from my ever-growing bookshelf or curled up watching a musical.
One of my favorite things about this program is how well I’m coming to know my classmates. Since there’s only eighteen of us and we’re together eight hours of every weekday, we’re becoming quite close. It’s nice to have so many people in the same boat with me and willing to help each other along the way. Another result of the size of the program that I enjoy is the closeness and availability of the professors. Everyone treats us with respect and encouragement, even though I’m sure we’re frustrating at times.

I don’t have a big grand plan for my career, but that’s because I think I’d be happy in any number of situations. Perhaps I’ll follow lab science for the next two decades and then switch fields. Maybe you’ll find me being a lab director at some point. Who knows? But I do have such a passion for lab science, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.