February 4, 2021

Meet Adam Meade from the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Imaging Sciences Program

I was born and raised in a small town in Northwest Arkansas where the people were outnumbered by the chickens and cows.  In such a place, it was important that people learn how to entertain themselves.  Consequently, I developed many interests and hobbies over the years…martial arts, mountain biking, playing music, reading and writing, drawing, fishing, building janky contraptions, etc.  After graduating high school, I spent a few semesters taking prerequisites at Harding University.  While I enjoyed my time there, I never zeroed in on a career that I felt really fit the bill for me.  My mother and father are both RN’s, and at their recommendation and with no better ideas, I decided to quit spending money on an aimless secondary education and instead earned certification as a Pharmacy Technician.  I worked in retail pharmacy for two years at Walgreens before moving on to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where I worked in the pharmacy for six years.  It was a spiritually rewarding job, but not one that was likewise matched by financial rewards.  With a wife and a new daughter’s future to consider, I began to ponder my options for a more gainful career.  After looking into several programs, I found myself very drawn to Radiography.  Its marriage of technical science and “artistic” implementation appealed to me a great deal.  It shares these same traits with both music and martial arts.  Within all these endeavors, there are technical concepts and principles which are critical to success.  However, where the rubber meets the road, one must be able to artfully interpret, adjust, and employ these to the unexpected and quickly changing situations we encounter in the real world.  And…at the end of a long day, I can always rest easy in the knowledge that my efforts played an important part in a mission to alleviate suffering and pain in the people of my community and those that surround it.