April 9, 2021

Meet Eric Siebenmorgen in the Dietetic Internship Program

My name is Eric Siebenmorgen and I am from Morrison Bluff, Arkansas. It only has a population of 74 people, so I highly doubt you have heard of it. But anyhow, it is 2 hours west from Little Rock. I came to UAMS to become a Registered Dietitian by completing the dietetic internship.

I am a non-traditional student who decided to come back to school to pursue another field. I graduated in 2017 with a kinesiology degree. While I was training clients, I realized that health is so much more than just exercising. My most successful clients were the ones who knew exactly what they were putting in their bodies. They understood that food was the foundation for their goals, and by being around that energy, I learned to focus on nutrition as well. Graduating in May, I am excited to be able to continue helping my clients- not just with exercise, but as a nutrition professional as well.