Faculty Appraisal Task Group Feedback

The CHP Faculty Appraisal Task Group is asking for your feedback! 

The task group was formed last fall by Dr. Murphy.  Our charge was to develop a faculty position description that would be the foundation for an annual appraisal system for the CHP faculty, similar to the online system the chairs and other UAMS staff currently use.  I have confirmed with Dr. Long that this is still a priority for the college, so the committee is moving forward.  Our first task has been to develop the faculty position description that is general/broad enough to apply to all faculty in the college and aligns with our new P & T document.  After several revisions from the committee and additional revisions after distribution to the CHP department chairs, we have developed a draft which you can download below.  We would appreciate any additional comments or suggestions you have before moving forward.

View the Position Description Draft
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