Policies and Procedures Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide ready access to the policies and procedures that are unique to the UAMS College of Health Professions.  At this time, the guide is still “under construction” and does not necessarily include all the existing policies; others will be added as they are identified and formatted for publication.  New procedures will be added to the guide as they are formalized for dissemination and use.

The Policies and Procedures Guide does not include UAMS institutional policies or University of Arkansas System policies, which may be accessed at the following links.

College of Health Professions Policies and Procedures

2021 Revised or New Policies

As policies are approved or revised throughout 2021, those changes will be posted here.

2020 Revised or New Policies

PolicyNew, Revised, or Reviewed
01.00.01 - Student Inactivity in CoursesRevised
01.00.02 - Scholastic Dishonesty PolicyRevised
01.00.10 - Progression, Academic Probation, and DismissalReviewed
01.15.01 - Student Academic Appeal ProceduresRevised
02.00.02 - Non-Cognitive Performance StandardsRevised
02.00.05 - Arrests and ConvictionsRevised
02.11.01 - Class Attendance/EngagementRevised

See UAMS Academic Affairs Policy Changes