Promotion and Tenure

The purpose of the promotion and tenure process in the College of Health Professions is to recognize and reward faculty members for their accomplishments in teaching, scholarship, and service.  Underlying the process is the value of excellence among faculty that ensures that:

  • Students have an exceptional experience in an academic environment that is rigorous and engaging
  • Faculty make significant contributions to the scientific and clinical foundations of our academic and clinical disciplines
  • Faculty lend their expertise to the functioning and development the department, college, university, larger community, and their professions

Currently, the College of Health Professions adheres to two sets of guidelines and criteria for promotion and tenure – the 2002 guidelines (download) and 2017 guidelines (download).  Both sets of guidelines are also available within the CHP Promotion and Tenure Database (linked below).

  • Initial appointment before July 20, 2017 – use either the 2002 or 2017 guidelines.
  • Initial appointment after July 20, 2017 – use the 2017 guidelines.
  • All faculty after June 30, 2022 – use the 2017 guidelines.

Both sets of guidelines lay out the criteria for promotion and tenure for both the non-tenure and tenure tracks.  They also provide information about:

  • Timelines for applying for promotion and tenure
  • Responsibilities of the faculty member, supervisor, dean, and Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Examples of accomplishments that meet criteria for excellence and significant achievement in teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Guidance on appealing a decision related to promotion and tenure

Work toward promotion and/or tenure begins the first day of a faculty member’s employment in the College of Health Professions, and is a collaborative, partnership process between the faculty member and his/her supervisor.  The faculty member and supervisors are strongly encouraged to establish a career development plan; set workload plans and goals that meet the department’s needs, contribute to the faculty member’s professional development, and address the criteria for promotion and tenure; begin building the faculty member’s portfolio for promotion and tenure soon after employment begins; and review at least annually the faculty member’s progress toward promotion and tenure.

Bookmark this page for periodic updates, announcements (i.e., deadlines, etc.), and other instructions.

CHP Promotion and Tenure Database

Click the heading above to access the login page for the CHP Promotion and Tenure Database

Helpful Promotion and Tenure-Related Materials and Policies

Below is a set of PowerPoint presentations (and PDF versions) providing guidance regarding the CHP Promotion & Tenure processes, including getting access to and using the CHP P&T Database, and preparing a portfolio for consideration for promotion and/or tenure, with specific guidance in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service.  Please contact CHP P&T Committee members about questions or additional information:


Sam Atcherson ( – Chair
Lindsey Gilbert (
John Jefferson (
Ashley McMillan (
Dana Moser (
Claire Tucker (

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