UAMS Tuition Waiver for Arkansas Residents Aged 60 Years and Over

Eligible: Arkansas residents aged 60 or older

Background and Purpose

The UAMS 60+ Tuition Waiver is established in order to:

  1. Help defray rising educational costs for UAMS students who are aged 60 and older.
  2. Meet State of Arkansas and University of Arkansas guidelines requiring a tuition waiver for older Arkansans.

Policy:  UAMS will waive tuition for an Arkansas resident aged 60 years and older who meets all academic and admissions requirements for the program to which he/she applied, is accepted into the program, when there is available space in the class or program.  The tuition waiver is good for one semester, but can be renewed.  A student who receives the tuition waiver must pay all applicable student fees.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Classified as an Arkansas resident per the UAMS residency status policy.
  2. Aged 60 or older as indicated on a legal form of documentation, such as driver’s license or birth certificate.
  3. A student who turns 60 or older while in a program may apply for the tuition waiver to take effect the following term, but all conditions apply.  Tuition will not be waived retroactively.

Application and Processing

  1. The applicant must submit a completed application to the Office of the University Registrar no later than 10 days prior to the first day of class.
  2. The applicant must provide an acceptable form of legal documentation of his/her age, for example, a driver’s license or birth certificate.
  3. The Registrar will verify the application and documentation.
  4. The Registrar will determine whether there is an available space in the class in cooperation with the appropriate college and/or program.
  5. The Registrar may put the applicant on a waiting list until registration is complete to determine if there is space available.
  6. If a space is available, the Registrar will notify the student and provide information on how to enroll and pay the applicable fees.

Renewal of the Waiver

The applicant must apply for renewal of the waiver each semester since the waiver is available only when space in the class or program is available. The applicant must maintain good academic standing in order to retain the waiver from semester to semester.