Ph.D. Program Handbook

Generally the provisions of the catalog and Graduate Student Handbook will be applicable to the student throughout his/her academic career.

1. Grievance Procedures

  • In the event that a student desires to file a grievance, policies and procedures contained in the UAMS Graduate Student Handbook will be applicable.

2. Monies Owed to UAMS

  • All students who are in a graduate programs are responsible for any funds they might owe the campus as a result of library fines, traffic violations, billing for damaged property, or any other similar expense. Failure to pay such obligations will result in denial of registration for the subsequent academic term. In the event funds are owed to UAMS at conclusion of the student’s final academic term; failure to pay any balance due will result in withholding the awarding of the degree until such time as the matter is resolved.

3. Academic Calendar

  • It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the UAMS academic calendars and plan accordingly.  Prior to the beginning of each academic term, it is the student’s responsibility to resolve with the appropriate instructor and/or their advisor any conflicting dates that might arise.

4. Student Data

  • It is the student’s responsibility to relay changes to items such as address, telephone number, individual to notify in case of emergency, e-mail addresses, etc.

5. Items Unique to UAMS

  • Health Insurance and TB Skin Tests
  • As a health science campus, UAMS has certain student requirements. Full time status in the UAMS Graduate School is nine semester credit hours or more. Each student will be required to sign a statement affirming that they have hospitalization insurance. The student may also be required to provide the UAMS Graduate School office with proof of such insurance.
  • All students taking graduate classes are required to have a TB Skin Test on file with the UAMS Student Employee Health Service. All students taking graduate classes are required to complete a brief HIPPA training program that deals with issues of patient confidentiality and rights. These requirements apply to all graduate students, regardless of course of study, any possible patient contact or any clinical experiences in their coursework.

6. Academic Progression

  • Regardless of the provisions for academic progressions contained within the UAMS catalog and/or handbook, the graduate program determines the standards for academic progression within its program. Students are required to sign a form acknowledging these standards at the time of their initial enrollment in the program.

7. Acknowledgement of UAMS Graduate School Catalogs and Handbooks

  • All students in UAMS graduate programs are required to annually sign a form affirming that they are responsible for all of the provisions contained within this document as well as the appropriate handbooks and catalogs (depending upon their program). The catalog and campus handbook will be available on the UAMS graduate school web site.

8. Items Not Covered in Handbook

  • Those items pertaining to student issues that may arise that are not covered in this handbook will be referred to the UAMS Graduate Council for adjudication.

9. CSDP Program Handbook

  • Students enrolled in the UAMS Communication Sciences and Disorders Ph.D. Program (CSDP) will follow the procedures and policies outlined in the Program Handbook.
Download the CSDP Program Handbook