Program Curriculum

The following 40 semester credit hours are required in the Bachelor of Science in Cytotechnology Program:

Fall Semester

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
CYTO 41504Introduction to Cytotechnology4
CYTO 41604Gynecological Cytopathology I4
CYTO 41806Non-Gynecological Cytopathology I6
CYTO 42603Gynecological Cytopathology II3
Total Hours17

Spring Semester

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
CYTO 41001Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory 1
CYTO 41202Laboratory Operations 2
CYTO 41302Molecular Diagnostics2
CYTO 41704Cytology Internship I 4
CYTO 42806Non-Gynecological Cytopathology II6
Total Hours15

Summer Semester

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
CYTO 41403Comprehensive Cytotechnology 3
CYTO 42705Cytology Internship II 5
Total Hours8

Curriculum Summary

Total Program Hours40

A letter grade of C or better is required for the student to progress in the program. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to earn the degree.


The list of required textbooks is published on the UAMS Bookstore website in compliance with State of Arkansas General Assembly Act 175 of the 2007 Regular Session.