UAMS Oral Health Center—9.5 Months

Residents spend 9.5 months at the OHC where the majority of time is spent providing hands-on patient treatment. The 7.5 months is spread out during the entire year to assure continuity of care. During this time, residents gain a wide variety of experiences by providing complex dental treatment for both hospitalized and ambulatory patients. The concept of comprehensive care is stressed, with an emphasis on considering the “whole” patient. Opportunities exist for providing comprehensive dental care; including fixed and removable prosthodontics, implant placement and restoration, rotary endodontic therapy, periodontal therapy, oral surgery, advanced esthetic operative techniques, and sedation dentistry. Residents also gain extensive experience in evaluating hospital patients and providing dental consultations.

Oral Surgery—2 Weeks

This is a two week rotation with our faculty oral surgeon at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  Each resident spends one on one time with the oral surgeon treating in the Oral Health Clinic at UAMS and the ACH Dental Clinic.  Residents will learn surgical procedures and familiarize themselves with third molar extractions, jaw resections, stabilizations, obturator construction and TMJ therapy.  They will also participate in removal of cancerous tumors and cysts, assist the surgeon with biopsies, and participate in surgeries with the cleft palate team.  Patients included are complex pediatric and adult patients, special needs patients, trauma, and OR cases.

Emergency Medicine—2 Weeks

During this two-week rotation, residents actively participate in the care of patients presenting to the UAMS Hospital Emergency Department and Walk-in-Clinic. UAMS serves as a Level 4 trauma center; thus residents are exposed to a wide variety of emergency medical situations, from sprained ankles to major trauma. The GPR residents are often assigned one-on-one with an Emergency Medicine physician to maximize their rotation.

Otolaryngology—2 Weeks

This two-week rotation is spent on service with the Department of Otolaryngology. The GPR resident will be primarily assigned to the head and neck cancer team. They will follow patients undergoing multidisciplinary management for head and neck cancer. Time will be spent in radiation oncology and medical oncology. Residents will observe and participate in numerous outpatient surgery procedures at the UAMS Otolaryngology clinic and operating rooms. Residents will participate in the care of hospitalized patients from admission to discharge.

Anesthesia—2 Weeks

During this rotation, residents actively participate in the care of surgery patients via assignment to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Dental Department. Residents receive experience in physical evaluation of the pre-anesthetic patient, starting and maintaining intravenous lines, oral and nasal intubation, monitoring vital signs, maintaining optimum airways, utilizing various equipment and instrumentation for monitoring the anesthetized patient, and patient recovery.

Pediatric Dentistry—2 weeks

The GPR resident spends two weeks at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Dental Clinic. During this time, they perform both comprehensive and emergency treatment for pediatric and adult special needs dental inpatients and outpatients. Emphasis is placed upon prevention of oral disease in the child and adolescent, management of dental emergencies, and treatment of the phobic or disruptive patient via behavioral management, inhalation analgesia, or general anesthesia.

UAMS 12th Street Health & Wellness Center and Harmony Health Clinic—12 days throughout the year

The 12th Street and Harmony Health clinics currently see an underserved population, and the dental clinic will also see this same type of patient population. The residents will treat these dental patients and provide a much-needed service for the community.

Endodontics—12 days throughout the year

An endodontic course is taught and supervised by a private practice endodontist in the oral health clinic.  This course focuses on molar root canal therapy and consists of clinical instruction, incorporating the use of endodontic instrumentation, use of the microscope, and use of rotary endodontics.

Periodontics—18 days throughout the year

This periodontal course is taught and supervised by a private practice periodontist.  Several types of surgical procedures as well as dental implant placement is included within the year.  This course provides training in periodontal procedures as needed for restorative treatment including crown lengthening, flap surgery, osseous surgery and grafting procedures.