III. Chairside Procedure

Review the medical history with the patient, asking pertinent questions.

Adjust the mask and protective eyewear. Wash hands, drying well and don gloves and overgloves.

Perform an extraoral examination.

Remove overgloves.

Have the patient rinse with a mouthwash to reduce the bacterial count. (suggested)

If using an alcohol based mouthwash, make sure the patient does not have a history of alcohol abuse.

Recline the patient and perform an intraoral examination and record findings. Charts will not be handled with contaminated gloves. Overgloves can be worn when writing on records or utilize an assistant.

If exposing x-ray film follow “X-ray film exposure and processing” in Appendix D or in the clinic manual section on radiography.

Use all safety precautions while performing procedures on the patient. Do not lay sharp instruments on the patient’s chest.

Care must be taken when re-sheathing needles. The needle can be recapped by laying the cap on the tray or in a holder so that the needle can be guided into the cap. Under no circumstance should the hand hold the cap to re-sheath. A rigid, puncture-resistant sharps container is located in each area of generation. Other contaminated sharps may include ortho wires, carpules, blades, disposable burs, and contaminated broken glass.