Program Curriculum

Degree requirements include 18 semester hours of core courses, twelve (12) or fifteen (15) semester hours of elective courses, and either six (6) semester hours of thesis credit (for thesis option) or three (3) semester hours of research (for non-thesis option), for a total of 36 semester hours. A combined maximum of twelve (12) semester hours of course work may be transferred from the UAMS/CAVHS dietetic internship and a maximum of six (6) elective semester hours from other accredited colleges and universities. A specific degree plan will be prepared for each student.

CourseTitleCredit Hours
Core Required Courses (18 total credit hours)
NUTR 5102Assessment of Nutritional Status3
NUTR 5104Nutrition Research and Statistical Methods3
NUTR 5106Nutrition and Metabolism: Micronutrients3
NUTR 5107Advanced Clinical Nutrition3
NUTR 5110Nutrition and Metabolism: Macronutrients3
NUTR 5111Nutrition Counseling3
Elective Courses

  • With non-thesis option, 15 total credit hours of elective courses are required.

  • With thesis option, 12 total credit hours of elective courses are required.
NUTR 5105Principles of Advanced Nutrition Support3
NUTR 5108Diet and Cancer Prevention/Promotion3
NUTR 5113Geriatric Nutrition3
NUTR 5114Pediatric Nutrition3
NUTR 5115Nutrition in Health, Wellness and Sports3
NUTR 5117Community Nutrition3
NUTR 5120Special Topics in Clinical Nutrition1-3
Other Courses
NUTR 5101Research in Nutrition (non-thesis)3
NUTR 5121Master's Thesis in Clinical Nutrition6
Total Required Credit Hours (100% Online) for Program Completion36

Comparison of Thesis vs. Non-Thesis

The MSCN degree program requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate credit. Students may elect the thesis or non-thesis option.  A specific degree plan is prepared for each student. Full-time students complete the program in two (2) years; part-time students may take up to five years to finish.

Thesis Option

CoursesSemester Credits
Core Courses18
NUTR 5121 - Master's Thesis in Clinical Nutrition6

Non-Thesis Option

CoursesSemester Credits
Core Courses18
NUTR 5101 - Research in Nutrition3

Summary Comparison

Total Credit Hours36 semester credit hours36 semester credit hours
Written Comprehensive Examination
(covering NUTR 5102; NUTR 5106; NUTR 5107; NUTR 5110; NUTR 5111)
Yes, with passing score of 80%Yes, with passing score of 80%
Writing RequirementThesisSubmit a written research project report
Oral Communication RequirementThesis DefenseResearch Project Defense
Faculty Guidance CommitteeThesis committee of three faculty (one member from outside the department)Advisory committee of three faculty

Course Descriptions

For course descriptions, please see the UAMS Catalog.