Cost of Program

Dietetic Internship Estimated Cost of Program

Estimated Fees for Arkansas Residents Estimated Fees for Arkansas Non-Residents

Interns enrolled for at least five (5) hours of graduate credit per semester are eligible for (1) deferment of previous student loans and (2) additional student loans if they qualify on the basis of financial need.

*Students enrolled at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are required by University of Arkansas Board policy (Policy 1260.1) to have health insurance coverage at all times. The responsibility for obtaining health insurance coverage rests with the student. Students are urged to investigate for themselves the policy best suited to meet their particular needs. Students are encouraged to confirm their coverage under their existing plan of insurance prior to registration or, if they do not have any existing insurance, obtain such coverage.  A Student Injury and Sickness plan offered by Academic Health Plans is available to all UAMS students.  The amount reflected on this line is an estimated cost of plan offered by Academic Health Plans.  A summary of the plan’s coverage, eligibility requirements, and instructions for enrollment of students and their eligible dependents as well as contact information for a UAMS representative that can assist you is detailed at this link


Arkansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship

This scholarship provides monetary support to an Arkansas dietetic intern.  For more information, go to:


UAMS and the CAVHS according to the following estimated totals pay each intern.


  • UAMS:  $2,426 (payable in 5 months for 1 semester)
  • VA:        $5,821 (payable for 1 semester)


  • Varies with withholding options. (Totals shown are before taxes.)

The funding of stipends is determined annually and therefore is subject to change.

The VA stipend is offered to US citizens only.