Goals and Competencies


The mission of the Master in Dietetics Program is to meet the needs of entry-level, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in Arkansas and in VA Healthcare Systems serving the nation’s Veterans.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Prepare graduates in the development of skills to improve the health and well-being of the State of Arkansas and our nation’s Veterans.
  • Goal 2: Prepare graduates to be professional, competent, entry-level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Program outcomes data is available upon request.  The following outcomes are routinely monitored to assess progress toward these goals:

Outcome Measures for Goal 1:

  • 50% of the graduates will practice in the State of Arkansas or within the Veterans Health Administration System.
  • Of graduates who seek employment, 70 percent are employed in nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of graduation.
  • 85% of employers will rate the preparation of graduates as a score of 4 (very well prepared) or above on the one-year post graduation surveys.

Outcome Measures for Goal 2:

  • At least 80% of program graduates employed in the area of nutrition and dietetics and who complete the graduate survey, will agree that they use peer reviewed research and evidence-based guidelines to address practice-related issues.
  • At least 80% of program students complete program/degree requirements within 13.5 months (150% of the program length).
  • 90 percent of program graduates take the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of program completion.
  • The program’s one-year pass rate (graduates who pass the registration exam within one year of first attempt) on the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists is at least 80%.

Educational Philosophy

Graduates of this program acquire the necessary skills to practice as entry-level dietitians in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, out-patient clinics, community and public health facilities, research, corporate wellness, school food service, and the food industry. The program is designed to utilize the unique variety of health care facilities in the Central Arkansas area.