Program Curriculum


The Doctor of Physical Therapy program curriculum will consist of the following:

  • 121 credit hours of didactic and clinical education
  • 34 months of continuous enrollment
  • 36 weeks of full-time clinical experiences

DPT Curriculum

Year One Fall

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 71032Human Anatomy I (Upper Extremity)2
PHTH 71042Human Anatomy II (Lower Extremity)2
PHTH 71242Movement Science I (Biomechanics and MS Gait)2
PHTH 71333Introductory PT Skills3
PHTH 71434Musculoskeletal Disorders I (Upper Extremity)4
PHTH 71443Musculoskeletal Disorders II (Lower Extremity)3
PHTH 71731Professional Issues I1
PHTH 71831Clinical Reasoning I1
Total Hours18

Year One Spring

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 71052Human Anatomy III (Spine)2
PHTH 71132Pathophysiology I (Musculoskeletal Disorders)2
PHTH 71162Pharmacology I (Musculoskeletal and Cardio-pulmonary Disorders)2
PHTH 71232Exercise Physiology I (Musculoskeletal)2
PHTH 71454Musculoskeletal Disorders III (Lumbar Spine and Pelvis)4
PHTH 71463Musculoskeletal Disorders IV (Cervico-Thoracic Spine)3
PHTH 71741Professional Issues II2
PHTH 71841Clinical Reasoning II1
Total Hours18

Year One Summer

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 71344Therapeutic Intervention I (EPA)4
PHTH 71362Psychosocial Aspects2
PHTH 71473Musculoskeletal Disorders V (Special Topics)3
PHTH 71935Clinical Experience I (OPD - 8 weeks)5
Total Hours14

Year Two Fall

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 72072Neuroscience2
PHTH 72142Pathophysiology II (Neuromuscular Disorders)2
PHTH 72171Pharmacology II (Neuromuscular Disorders)1
PHTH 72251Movement Science II1
PHTH 72263Movement Science III3
PHTH 72352Mobility and Assistive Equipment (with Neuro Gait)2
PHTH 72533Neuromuscular Disorders I3
PHTH 72851Clinical Reasoning III1
Total Hours15

Year Two Spring

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 72062Human Anatomy IV (Organ Systems)2
PHTH 72152Pathophysiology III (Cardio-pulmonary Disorders)2
PHTH 72543Neuromuscular Disorders II3
PHTH 72552Neuromuscular Disorders III (Geriatrics)2
PHTH 72632Acute Care I2
PHTH 72642Acute Care II2
PHTH 72653Integumentary Disorders3
PHTH 72861Clinical Reasoning IV (IPE Clinics)1
Total Hours17

Year Two Summer

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 72947Clinical Experience II (Neuro+/or Acute)7
PHTH 72563Neuromuscular Disorders IV (Pediatrics)3
PHTH 72751Professional Issues III1
PHTH 71761Research Principles and Evidence-based Practice1
PHTH 72871Clinical Reasoning V1
PHTH 739831Applied Research I0-3
PHTH 733831Spanish for PTs0-3
Total Hours13-161

Year Three Fall

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 73957Clinical Experience III (Neuro+/or Acute - 10 weeks)7
PHTH 73881Clinical Reasoning VI1
PHTH 73372Health Promotion and Wellness2
PHTH 734931Strength and Conditioning0-3
PHTH 736731Women's Health0-3
PHTH 737931Service Learning0-3
PHTH 738931Directed Study0-3
PHTH 739831Applied Research I0-3
Total Hours10-131

Year Three Spring

Course IDCourse TitleSemester Credit Hours
PHTH 73773Administration and Healthcare Management3
PHTH 73782Capstone (Comprehensive Exam /Board Prep)2
PHTH 73965Clinical Experience IV (Elective - 8 weeks)5
PHTH 734831Manual Therapy0-3
PHTH 734931Strength and Conditioning0-3
PHTH 734931Electroneuromyography0-3
PHTH 735731Advanced Pediatrics0-3
PHTH 735831Advanced Adult Neuro0-3
PHTH 735931Vestibular Rehab0-3
PHTH 732731Trauma Physical Therapy0-3
PHTH 739831Applied Research I0-3
PHTH 739931Applied Research II0-3
PHTH 738931Directed Study0-3
PHTH 739731Teaching and Learning0-3
PHTH 737931Service Learning0-3
Total Hours10-131

Curriculum Summary

Year One Fall18
Year One Spring18
Year One Summer14
Year Two Fall15
Year Two Spring17
Year Two Summer13-16
Year Three Fall10-13
Year Three Spring10-13
Full-time Clinical Education Experiences (36 weeks)24 (counted in above semesters)
Coursework97 (counted in above semesters)
Total Program Hours121


1Students must take two three-hour elective courses for a total of six hours of electives. The elective course offerings begin in the summer semester of the second year of the program and are offered through the final spring semester of the third year. The availability of elective courses will depend on student interest in the available topics. The total hours for each of those semesters will vary based on the semesters in which the student chooses to complete the electives.

A grade of C or better must be achieved in all courses and no less than 80% must be achieved on practical exams. A minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained during enrollment in the program. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to earn the degree.

Why We Think Our Curriculum Works

We believe our systems-based curriculum enables students to apply didactic content to clinical practice in a more timely manner. In addition, our focus on active learning and the use of the flipped classroom fosters independence as a learner.

Since our inception, our program has had an overall 100% pass rate on the National Physical Therapy Examination. We also have a 100% employment rate among our graduates.


The list of required textbooks is published on the UAMS Bookstore website in compliance with State of Arkansas General Assembly Act 175 of the 2007 Regular Session.

To learn more about the Accreditation Status of the Physical Therapy program, please Click here