Program Curriculum


The UAMS DPT curriculum will consist of:

  • 121 credit hours of didactic and clinical education
  • 34 months of continuous enrollment
  • 36 weeks of full-time clinical experiences

DPT Curriculum

Course #TitleCredits
Year 1
PHTH 5101Anatomy I (Upper Extremity)2
PHTH 5102Anatomy II (Lower Extremity)2
PHTH 5123Movement Science I (Biomechanics and MS Gait)2
PHTH 5131Introductory PT Skills (ROM, MMT, Massage, Transfers, Vitals, Gait Aids)3
PHTH 5141Musculoskeletal Disorders I (Upper Extremity)4
PHTH 5142Musculoskeletal Disorders II (Lower Extremity)3
PHTH 5171Professional Issues I1
PHTH 5181Clinical Reasoning I1
PHTH 5103Anatomy III (Spine)2
PHTH 5111Pathophysiology I (Musculoskeletal Disorders)2
PHTH 5114Pharmacology I (Musculoskeletal and Cardio-pulmonary Disorders)2
PHTH 5121Exercise Physiology I (Musculoskeletal)2
PHTH 5143Musculoskeletal Disorders III (Lumbar Spine and Pelvis)4
PHTH 5144Musculoskeletal Disorders IV (Cervico-Thoracic Spine)3
PHTH 5172Professional Issues II2
PHTH 5182Clinical Reasoning II1
PHTH 5132Therapeutic Intervention I4
PHTH 5191Clinical Experience I (OPD - 8 weeks)5
PHTH 5235Psychosocial Aspects2
PHTH 5245Musculoskeletal Disorders V (Special Topics)3
Year 2
PHTH 5205Neuroscience2
PHTH 5212Pathophysiology II (Neuromuscular Disorders)2
PHTH 5215Pharmacology II (Neuromuscular Disorders)1
PHTH 5224Movement Science II (Growth and Development)1
PHTH 5225Movement Science III (Motor Control)3
PHTH 5234Mobility & Assistive Equipment2
PHTH 5251Neuromuscular Disorders I3
PHTH 5283Clinical Reasoning III1
PHTH 5204Anatomy IV (Organ Systems)2
PHTH 5213Pathophysiology III (Cardio-pulmonary Disorders)2
PHTH 5222Exercise Physiology II (Cardio-pulmonary Disorders)2
PHTH 5252Neuromuscular Disorders II3
PHTH 5253Neuromuscular Disorders III (Geriatrics)2
PHTH 5261Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders2
PHTH 5262Integumentary Disorders3
PHTH 5284Clinical Reasoning IV1
PHTH 5254Neuromuscular Disorders IV (Pediatrics)3
PHTH 5273Professional Issues III1
PHTH 5274Research Principles & Evidence-based Practice1
PHTH 5285Clinical Reasoning V1
PHTH 5292Clinical Experience II (Neoro+/or Acute - 10 weeks)7
PHTH 5397- Spanish for PTs
Year 3
PHTH 5393Clinical Experience III (Neuro+/or Acute - 10 weeks)7
PHTH 5386Clinical Reasoning VI (Debriefing + Case Studies)1
PHTH 5347- Strength and Conditioning
PHTH 5348- Women's Health
PHTH 5387- Directed Study
PHTH 5396- Service Learning
PHTH 5336Health Promotion and Wellness2
PHTH 5375Administration and Healthcare Management3
PHTH 5376Capstone (Comprehensive Exam /Board Prep)2
PHTH 5394Clinical Experience IV (Elective - 8 weeks)5
PHTH 5346- Manual Therapy
PHTH 5347- Strength and Conditioning
PHTH 5348- Women's Health
PHTH 5354- Advanced Pediatrics
PHTH 5355- Advanced Geriatrics
PHTH 5363- Trauma Physical Therapy
PHTH 5378- Research Project
PHTH 5387- Directed Study
PHTH 5396- Service Learning
Curriculum TOTAL121
Full-time Clinical Education Experiences (36 weeks)24

*Students must take two 3 hour Elective courses for a total of 6 hours of Electives. The elective course offerings begin in the summer semester of the second year of the program and are offered through the final spring semester of the third year. The availability of elective courses will depend on student interest in the available topics. The total hours for each of those semesters will vary based on the semesters in which the student chooses to complete the electives.

A grade of “C” or better must be achieved in all courses and no less than 80% must be achieved on practical exams. A  minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained during enrollment in the program.  A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to earn the degree.

To learn more about the Accreditation Status of the Physical Therapy program, please CLICK HERE