Class Size

The maximum number of students accepted to either the RRT-to-BS Degree Completion Clinical Track or Bachelor’s Thesis Track is dependent on several factors.

For the Clinical Track, available clinical sites and qualified preceptors must be available to accommodate student rotations. In the Little Rock metropolitan area this is impacted by the number of UAMS traditional, non-credentialed students who require clinical rotations.  The ability of the RRT student to complete night or weekend shifts may help off-set this limitation.  Clinical rotations may be scheduled outside of the Little Rock metropolitan area and even outside of the state of Arkansas whenever faculty can be assured that educational objectives will be met and signed written clinical affiliation agreements are possible.

For the Bachelor’s Thesis Track, the number of students admitted each year is limited by the number of qualified faculty advisors to oversee the thesis process. While it is unusual for a faculty member holding a rank less than associate professor to serve as an advisor, faculty expertise may be considered when assigning advisors.  Generally, faculty advise no more than two (2) students enrolled in RES-4258:  Bachelor’s Thesis Proposal.  For this reason, no more than 4-6 students will be admitted to this track each year, based on the current number of associate professors .