Degree Plan

While both the RRT-to-BS Degree Completion Clinical Track and the Bachelor’s Thesis Track can be completed in 1 – 1 ½ years attending full-time, part-time options are available for students needing the most flexibility.  The student’s desired plan for program navigation and completion will be honored, whenever possible.  A CHP degree plan will be finalized during the required Program Orientation.

The CHP degree plan will list all of the courses remaining (general education, if any, and professional courses) to complete the degree.   A Professional Course Completion Plan will also be developed.  The Professional Course Completion Plan will include an estimate of when each required professional course will be completed and the projected date of graduation.

Approximately six (6) weeks prior to each semester’s registration, the Assistant Program Director will contact all RRT-to-BS Degree Completion students by email to confirm the professional courses that are scheduled in the upcoming semester, according to the degree plan on file.  Students must confirm the courses and the course credit (for those courses that offer variable credit) in which they plan to enroll by the due date established in the email communication.   Failure to do so may result in an inability to register for a desired professional course.

Variable credit courses are available to allow maximum flexibility for the employed practitioner.    These courses must be approved by the program director and generally require documentation which will be placed in the student’s file.   Approved variable credit courses will be reflected on the CHP degree plan and Professional Course Completion Plan developed during the Program Orientation.