Professional Coursework

Course #Course NameSemester CreditsSemester(s) Offered
CHPI 3101Legal & Ethical Issues for Allied Health Professionals1Fall
CHPI 3102Health Care Management Issues for Allied Health Professionals1Spring
CHPI 4V02Independent Study3Summer
DMS 4300Introduction to Health Care Management3Summer
DMS 4301Health Care Systems in America3Fall
DMS 4251Cardiovascular Pathophysiology2Spring
DMS 4261Current Issues in Health Care2Spring
DMS 4342Introductory Cardiac & Vascular Sonography3Summer
DMS 4352Doppler Sonography & Advanced Hemodynamics3Fall
DMS 4353Intermediate Vascular Sonography3Fall
DMS 4354Intermediate Cardiac Sonography3Fall
DMS 4363Advanced Vascular Sonography*3Spring
DMS 4364Advanced Cardiac Sonography**3Spring
*Must take Intermediate Vascular Sonography course first.
**Must take Intermediate Cardiac Sonography course first.
NOTEOther online courses may be available in the College of Health Professions.

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