Course Description

SURG 2123—Professional Certifications Seminar
Preparation for the Certification Examination for the Surgical Technology profession.  (1 Credit, Lecture)

SURG 2211—Basic Operating Room Techniques I Laboratory
Fundamental procedures of perioperative patient care.  Guided practice prior to clinical experiences.  Must be taken concurrently with SURG 2510: Basic Operating Room Techniques and successful completion is pre-requisite to SURG 2215: Clinical Practicum I.  (2 Credits, Laboratory)

SURG 2215—Clinical Practicum I
Supervised clinical experience in the application of basic patient care procedures, safe practice, and beginning skills of sterilization/disinfection and aseptic technique. Prerequisite: Successful completion of competency evaluation in SURG 2211.  (2 Credits, Clinic)

SURG 2221—Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist
Introduction to the classification, actions, and uses of drugs. Emphasis on drugs associated with various surgical, obstetrical, and emergency care procedures. Includes calculation of dosages and drug preparation.  (2 Credits, Lecture)

SURG 2222—Perioperative Practice
An overview of surgical technology as a health care profession. Explores standards of care, criteria for professional growth, psychological aspects of the patient including social and cultural dimensions, and the ethical and legal issues surrounding the profession.  (2 Credits, Lecture)

SURG 2232—Clinical Practicum III
Four (4) week clinical course work in all subspecialty areas of the operating room at the advanced level.  Prerequisites: SURG 2215, SURG 2425.  (2 Credits, Clinic) (5 weeks: May-June)

SURG 2312—Medical Terminology
Introduction to commonly used medical abbreviations and terminology used in the health care setting. Includes prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  (3 Credits, Lecture)

SURG 2313—Surgical Pathophysiology
Emphasis on the anatomical structures of those body regions in which surgery is most commonly performed and the diseases related to the surgical patient.  (3 Credits, Lecture)

SURG 2510—Basic Operating Room Techniques
Orientation to surgical technology with emphasis on the fundamental principles of basic patient care concepts, asepsis and the surgical environment, and basic case preparation and procedures before, during and after a surgical procedure. Classroom.  (5 Credits, Lecture)

SURG 2520—Advanced Operating Room Techniques
Emphasis placed on specialty surgical procedures and instrumentation.  (5 Credits, Lecture)

SURG 2523—Clinical Practicum II
Supervised clinical experience in the application of basic, intermediate, and advanced surgical procedures, and a continuation of aseptic technique and sterilization/disinfection skills.  (4 Credits, Clinic)