Speech and Hearing Clinic

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Speech and Hearing Clinic is located on the UALR campus in the University Plaza. The Clinic is part of the Audiology and Speech Pathology academic program which is accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA).  All services at the Clinic are provided by graduate students and senior-level undergraduate students under the direct supervision of ASHA-certified faculty. The Clinic provides speech, language, literacy, and hearing evaluations tailored to individual needs. A wide array of diagnostic equipment and materials makes it possible to evaluate communication problems experienced by clients of any age, from infants to adults. Based on evaluation results, student clinicians work with clients, parents and families to develop appropriate, functional treatment plans. In addition to diagnostic services, clients may receive speech, language and audiological rehabilitation on an individual or group basis. Hearing aid and assistive listening device selection, fitting, and follow-up services are also provided. Questions about billing and fees for services can be directed to the Office Manager at 501-569-3155.

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Diagnostic Services:  A full range of audiological diagnostic services is available. Hearing evaluations are offered for children and adults suspected of having hearing difficulties. Auditory processing evaluations are available for children and adults suspected of having an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). APD can cause difficulty discriminating speech and other desirable sounds from background noise. Other characteristics of APD include difficulty understanding rapid speech, speech that is unclear, or speech produced by someone with a different accent; difficulty listening to more than one speaker at a time; trouble understanding instructions; poor concentration; and low academic performance.

Hearing Aid Services:  Complete hearing aid services are available. A wide range of hearing instruments, hearing aid care supplies, and amplification accessories may be purchased through the Clinic. Individual listening needs and personal preferences are taken into consideration when selecting amplification systems. Clients and their significant others receive a thorough orientation in the use of their hearing instruments. Instruction is provided in the care and maintenance of the equipment, as well as the use of hearing instruments with other electronic devices, such as telephones, or televisions. Follow-up hearing aid checks, reprogramming, and repairs are available for all clients who purchase their hearing instruments through the UALR/UAMS Speech and Hearing Clinic. Hearing aid adjustments and repairs are also available for clients who have purchased hearing instruments from other clinics.

The Technology Access Center (TAC):  Formerly known as the Assistive Listening Device (ALD) Center, the TAC, which has been in continuous operation since 1990, was established through an agreement between UALR and the Arkansas Association for Hearing Impaired Children (AAHIC). The TAC has equipment for demonstration and loan to individuals with hearing loss.

The TAC includes a wide variety of state-of–the-art devices for people with hearing loss. Displays include emergency alerting devices -such as fire alarms, a carbon monoxide alert system and a weather alert system. A variety of phones and phone accessories for land line and cell phones are available for demonstration. Devices compatible with hearing aids are also on display which include FM systems and loop systems. As a service, the assistive devices are available for short-term loan. This will provide individuals an opportunity to determine if the device will benefit them before making a purchase.

In addition, phones available through the Arkansas Rehabilitation Services’ Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) are on display. An Arkansas resident, who meets eligibility requirements, can be loaned phone equipment for up to a two year period through this program. UALR Audiology students and faculty are available to provide hands on practice and demonstration of these phones. To schedule an appointment to view the TAC, please call 569-3155.

Audiologic Rehabilitation:  Individualized instruction is available to enhance the communication skills of persons with hearing impairments. Instruction focuses on maximizing use of remaining hearing through amplification and/or assistive listening devices, auditory training, using visual cues (speech reading and gestures), and utilizing communication repair strategies. Sessions can be scheduled on an individual basis for either short or long term rehabilitation, and are geared to each individual’s specific communication needs. An adult audiologic rehabilitation group is available for persons who wish to work together to practice new communication skills.


Diagnostic Services:  A full range of diagnostic speech, language, and literacy services is available for persons of any age with disorders in the following areas: articulation, receptive and expressive language, cognition, fluency, voice and resonance, swallowing, pragmatic language, and hearing. Evaluations provide useful, specific information, especially to parents and caregivers who are uncertain whether or not their family member has a communication, literacy, or language learning problem. Adults who are concerned about their own speech or language skills also find the evaluations helpful and informative. Following the evaluation, results and recommendations are explained and discussed. Comprehensive literacy evaluations are also available. A comprehensive evaluation includes testing by a certified speech-language pathologist and a licensed psychological examiner. With this comprehensive evaluation, a diagnosis of dyslexia can be made if the condition exists.

Individual Therapy Sessions:  Individual speech, language, and literacy therapy sessions are scheduled for clients of all ages. The Clinic is open for individual therapy sessions Monday through Friday while academic classes are in session. Since the UALR academic calendar is followed, there are breaks from therapy between semesters and for certain holidays.

Preschool Language Enrichment Program (PLEP):  PLEP is a transdisciplinary preschool program for children ages 3-5 years with speech and language delays. In addition to students from the speech pathology and audiology programs, students from special education, social work, nursing, nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychology may participate. PLEP meets two mornings per week during the fall and spring semesters. Daily activities are designed to develop personal-social, cognitive, and fine and gross motor skills, in addition to communication and preliteracy skills.

Pragmatics Groups:  These groups stress the appropriate use of language in social interactions. Groups are divided by age and the children who attend work on such skills as good listening, turn-taking, topic maintenance, problem solving, discourse management, and other conversational rules and nonverbal behaviors.

Aphasia Group:  This group is composed of adults who have aphasia, motor speech disorders, or other speech and language problems caused by stroke, brain surgery, or neuromuscular diseases. The therapy is designed to help clients become more functional communicators in a supportive group therapy environment and in their daily activities. All communication modalities are targeted in the group activities.


Supervision of all student clinicians is provided by full time departmental faculty and part-time adjunct faculty, all of whom hold the AR Board of Examiners license in either speech pathology or audiology and the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in speech pathology and/or audiology. Client services are provided either by graduate students or senior level undergraduate students. The faculty members work closely with the student clinicians to assure clients are receiving the best in quality care.


The Clinic is located on the southwest corner of the UALR campus in the University Plaza Shopping Center located on the corner of Asher and University Avenues. Free parking is available anywhere on the shopping center parking lot except in areas designated as “bank” or “retail parking” only. The Clinic has seven parking spaces reserved for clinic clients just south of the entrance to the clinic. Sufficient handicapped parking is also available in front of the building.

To schedule an appointment or to obtain more information, call (501) 569-3155.