Prerequisite Courses

NOTE: 2017 is the last year the AS Degree will be offered. Starting in 2018, the program will offer the BS Degree only. Due to that change, Western Civilization I and II and 6 hours of upper level electives will be pre-requisites for the incoming class in the fall of 2018.

The Associate of Science degree requires 39 SC of preprofessional course work and 68 SC of professional course work.

The Bachelor of Science degree requires the same 39 SC of preprofessional course work but also also requires an additional 6 SC of basic education course work and 6 SC of additional upper level course work.  The Bachelor of Science degree also requires the 1 SC course “CHP4133-Patient and Family Centered Care” in addition to the 68 SC of professional course work for a total of 69 SC.

At least 40 SC of the total course work appearing on the student’s degree plan must be courses taken at the upper level (junior or senior). Students are encouraged to consult with the department chairman regarding specific upper level course work requirements.

The following 39 SC of courses are required for admission.  All listed courses are required from a regionally accredited post-secondary academic institution, and must fulfill all College requirements regarding acceptance of transfer credit.  If in doubt of the suitability of the following prerequisite courses, please call the College of Health Professions Welcome Center for clarification. For a list of eligible prerequisite courses at institutions around Arkansas, see our Dental Hygiene Prerequisite Guide for 2017-2018adobepdf_icon.

Area/Typical Course TitleMinimum Semester Credit
English Composition
Two-semester sequence of English Composition6
Speech Communication
Fundamentals of Speech or Speech Communication3
College Algebra (or higher level Mathematics)3
Principles of chemistry course with laboratory4
Principles of biology course with laboratory (A Zoology course with laboratory is also acceptable)4
Microbiology with laboratory4
Fine Arts
Music, Art, Theater3
Philosophy, Political Science, Literature, or Humanities3
History of the United States or National Government3
General Psychology3
Introduction to Sociology3

Proof of successful completion of course work taken in a semester immediately preceding entry into the professional curriculum must be presented before registration.  Chemistry, biology, and microbiology courses must include laboratory sections and must have been completed not more than seven years prior to entry into the program.   Credit by examination will not be given for the science courses.  A course grade of “C” or higher must be achieved to satisfy program prerequisite requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree Program:  In addition to the 39 SC of prerequisite course work and the 69 SC in the dental hygiene curriculum, the following 12 SC are required for the BS degree and must be completed prior to Graduation:

  • 6 SC History of Civilization
  • 6 SC additional upper level electives.