Course Description

MISN 5242—Pathophysiology & Clinical Correlation II
Application of the concepts of pathophysiology for the assessment and management of medical imaging patients. Emphasizes the characteristic manifestations, pattern recognition, and image assessment of pathologies observed in medical images specific to the program track selected.  (2 Credits, Online)

MISN 5311—Patient Assessment
Assessment of health status emphasizing cultural, ethnic, and age differences. Focuses on taking patient histories, inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation.  Body systems and functional health patterns are used to organize data and to develop clinical pathways in medical imaging.  (3 Credits, Lecture)

MISN 5315—Statistics & Research Methods
Introduction to research designs, epidemiology, probability, test statistics, sample size, power, correlations, non-parametric tests, regression, and analysis of variance.  (3 Credits, Lecture)

MISN 5321—Clinical Pharmacology
Study of pharmacodynamics, medication administration, drug categories, and implications in patient care.  Emphasizes pharmaceuticals frequently used in medical imaging.  (3 Credits, Lecture)

MISN 5331—Research Project I
Practical experience in conducting research. A written plan describing the project’s objectives and goals must be approved by the student’s research mentor and program director prior to implementation. The student will submit the completed project for consideration to be published in a peer reviewed journal or to be presented at a professional meeting as a poster or lecture. A minimum of 3 SC in MISN 6V31 or in MISN 6V42 is required for program completion.  (1-3 Credits, Lecture)

MISN 5342—Fusion and Hybrid Technologies
The principles and applications of imaging technologies that are complementary to and/or merged with nuclear medicine technology will be presented.  Instruction in cross-sectional anatomy will be a significant component of this course.  (3 Credits, Lecture)

MISN 5343—Research Project II
A minimum of 3 SC in this research project course is required for program completion.  The research project courses may be taken for up to 6 SC.  (1-3 Credits, Lecture)

MISN 5414—Clinical Internship I
NMAA track emphasizes general nuclear medicine imaging procedures of the pulmonary, endocrine, and skeletal systems.  (4 Credits, Clinic/Lecture)

MISN 5415—Clinical Internship II
NMAA track emphasizes therapeutic and PET imaging procedures.  (4 Credits, Clinic/Lecture)

MISN 5433—Clinical Internship III
NMAA track emphasizes general nuclear medicine imaging procedures of the gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and neurological systems.  (4 Credits, Clinic/Lecture)

MISN 5443—Clinical Internship IV
NMAA track emphasizes cardiac imaging procedures and stress testing.  (4 Credits, Clinic/Lecture)

MISN 5453—Clinical Internship V
NMAA track emphasizes administrative procedures and specialized modalities.  (4 Credits, Clinic/Lecture)