Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we receive in the Admissions Office along with answers to those questions. If you have a question for our office that is not answered below, please contact us directly at or 501-686-5730.

Applying to the College of Health Professions

Where can I access the application?

An Online Admissions Application (OAA) to the college is required and is available on the OAA website. A non-refundable application fee of $40.00 is required and payment of the fee is the last step of the application process before submission. A credit or debit card is required to pay the fee.

What is your application deadline?

Application deadlines vary by program.  Please consult the Application Deadlines page or individual program pages for specific program information.

Note: College of Health Profession application deadlines are as of 4:30 p.m. Central time on the date listed for each program. Deadlines for CAS system (PTCAS, CASPA, CSDCAS, DICAS) applications may differ.

Can I apply to multiple programs?

Yes; however, a separate application and application fee must be submitted for each program to which a student is applying.

How can I tell if my application was successfully submitted?

The OAA application has three statuses: Incomplete, Completed, and Submitted. To check an application status, log back into the student account on the OAA website and look in the Application Status column of the Application Summary page. Only applications with the status of Submitted have been received by the college. If the application in question has a different status, please take the necessary steps to complete and submit the application, including paying the application fee.

I’ve already submitted my application, but I would like to submit additional documents. Can I still upload those to the application?

No; once an application is submitted, it cannot be modified or added to. If students need to submit additional documents after the application has been submitted, please email them instead to

I’m an international student. Can I apply to the College of Health Professions?

For information about applying as an international student, please see the F-1 Student Information page.

When will I receive an admission decision?

Once an application is complete and all required documents have been submitted, the program will review it according to their admissions timeline. Admissions processes and interview schedules can vary by program. Please reach out to the program to which you’ve applied for additional information.


Which transcripts do I need to send?

Official transcripts are required from all previously attended colleges and universities, regardless of whether or not courses from that transcript are being use to meet prerequisite courses.

How can I submit my official transcripts?

A college transcript is considered official if mailed directly or sent electronically via an authorized transcript processing service from the issuing institution, or if hand‐carried or mailed to the College of Health Professions Admissions Office in a sealed institution envelope. The transcript must bear the college seal, date, and appropriate signature. If hand‐carried or mailed by the student, a school seal, stamp, or signature must be on the back flap of the envelope.

Official transcripts sent by mail

Official transcripts sent by mail should be sent to:

UAMS College of Health Professions
4301 West Markham Street, Slot #619
Little Rock, AR 72205

Official transcripts sent electronically

Official electronic transcripts must be sent using an authorized transcript processing company such as Parchment or the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts issued to the student and then sent to us by email or uploaded to the application are not considered official, even if they were considered official when sent to the student.

Note: If your previous institution uses the service called SPEEDE to send transcripts, please choose to have that school mail the official transcript instead; we are not able to receive transcripts via SPEEDE.

National Student Clearinghouse transcripts

When sending transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse, please make the following selections on the Recipient screen:

Who are you sending your transcript to?: College or University
Country: United States
State/Territory/APO: Arkansas
Enter and select the school you are sending your transcript to: University of Arkansas For Medical Sciences
Department: College of Health Professions

See a screenshot of what your Recipient screen should look like.

Parchment transcripts

When sending transcripts through Parchment, instead of searching for our college in the list of recipients, we suggest using the option that reads, “I’m sending to myself or another individual”, then select, “I am sending this order to another individual”.

See a screenshot of what that screen should look like.

When it asks for the “Set Delivery Destination” information, please use the following:

School Name: UAMS College of Health Professions
Recipient’s Email:

See a screenshot of what your Set Delivery Destination screen should look like.

Can I use transcripts from institutions outside of the United States?

If an applicant is basing their eligibility on credits from an international university, the official transcript or copy must first be evaluated by the Education Credential Evaluators, Inc. or World Education Services. An official copy of the evaluation from either the Education Credential Evaluators or World Education Services must be forwarded directly to the College of Health Professions Admissions Office. A fee list and application forms for this service may be obtained from the agencies. Individual program requirements may vary. Please check the specific program section of this website for details.

I’ve applied to more than one program. Do I need to send multiple copies of my transcripts so that each program gets a copy?

No, students can just send one official transcript per previously attended institution. Transcripts are scanned and/or uploaded to a student’s application(s) in the GUS system, so a single copy can be added to multiple applications. To have us copy submitted transcripts over to additional applications, please email us at after you submit the additional application(s).

I’ve applied to the College of Health Professions in the past and am now reapplying. Do I need to submit new transcripts?

It depends. If a student has not attended an institution again since the last transcript that was sent, we can copy that transcript over to your new application. If a student has attended any of the schools since their last application, though, they will need to send an updated transcript from any schools where new courses were taken. To have us move previously submitted transcripts over to a new application, please email us at after you submit the new application.

Note: This only applies to transcripts sent directly to the College of Health Professions. If the student has applied to a program that uses a CAS system (PTCAS, CASPA, CSDCAS, DICAS), they should refer to the CAS for their policy on transcript submission.


If your application involved listing references, an item will be placed on your TO DO list for each of the required recommendations. When a recommendation is submitted, the corresponding item will drop off the TO DO list. Please allow five to ten business days from the date a recommendation was submitted for the TO DO list to be updated. After that time, if the recommendation is still shown as an outstanding item on your TO DO list, please contact us, at 501-686-5730 or

This information only applies to the references listed on your application to the college. If your program uses a CAS system (PTCAS, CASPA, CSDCAS, DICAS), those references are managed through that system and are not reflected on a TO DO list in the UAMS GUS system.

My reference did not receive the notification email asking them to submit a recommendation. What should I do?

Please contact the program to which you’ve applied and ask them to resend the notification to your references.

Financial Information

Do you have a payment plan for tuition payments?

Contact the UAMS Bursar’s Office to inquire about payment plans.

Do you accept financial aid?

Yes, we accept financial aid and other types of loans, grants, and scholarships. Visit the Student Financial Services website to learn more.

What is your financial aid school code?

UAMS’s financial aid school code is 001109

Does the College of Health Professions offer scholarships?

Yes, there are many scholarships offered through the College. Visit our Scholarships and Waivers page to learn more.