Student Features

Student Features

Foster Boadi Amoah

Foster Boadi Amoah – Medical Laboratory Sciences

My name is Foster Boadi Amoah. I am originally from Ghana, West Africa and relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2013. I am on active duty in the Navy and currently enrolled in the Medical Laboratory Sciences program pursuing my second baccalaureate degree. [READ MORE ABOUT FOSTER]

Alicia Bratten

Alicia Bratten – Ophthalmic Medical Technology

My name is Alicia Bratten and I am currently a senior in the Ophthalmic Medical Technologies program in the College of Health Professions. I have been living in Arkansas for 3 years with my military husband and two fur babies. A common question that I get is “Where are you from?” My answer is always “Planet Earth” since my father was also in the military and we moved all over the world every few years. [READ MORE ABOUT ALICIA]

Sabrina Spencer

Sabrina Spencer – Dietetic Internship Alumni

Hello! My name is Sabrina Spencer, and I am originally from Allen, Texas, which is just north of Dallas. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from UT Austin and recently graduated from the UAMS/CAVHS dietetic internship this past May. I am now a Registered and Licensed Dietitian upon passing the CDR exam in June (2018). [READ MORE ABOUT SABRINA]

Sheila Beaston, EMT

Sheila Beaston – Emergency Medical Technician Alumni

My name is Sheila Beaston, and I am originally from Illinois and currently live in Greenbrier, AR. I spent 11 years at Visalia, California where I started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I went on to become a Medial Assistant, Home Health Aide, and initially passed the National Emergency Medical Technology Registry back in 1990. [READ MORE ABOUT SHEILA]

Loni Cooper square

Loni Cooper, DPT – Physical Therapy Alumni

My name is Loni Cooper and I am a physical therapist in Northwest Arkansas. I recently graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in May 2018. Shortly after, I accepted my first job in an outpatient setting where I am working towards building a pelvic therapy caseload and advocating for this specific area of physical therapy.  [READ MORE ABOUT LONI]

Seth Eiland

Seth Eiland – Physician Assistant Studies

Meet Seth Eiland in our UAMS Physician Assistant Studies Program in the UAMS College of Health Professions. He is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP Hello, my name is Seth Eiland and I am a Physician Assistant student here at UAMS. I was born and raised in Camden, AR. Although I have become accustomed to living in [READ MORE ABOUT SETH]

Lauren Grogan

Lauren Grogan – Medical Laboratory Sciences

Meet Lauren Grogan in our Medical Laboratory Sciences program. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Lauren Grogan and I am originally from North Little Rock but recently moved to Beebe. I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field but I never felt the traditional medical route was for me. [READ MORE ABOUT LAUREN]

Erica Gardner

Erica Gardner – Audiology

Meet Erica Gardner in our Doctor of Audiology program. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Erica Gardner. I grew up here in Little Rock. My parents moved to the city right before I was born and I graduated from Little Rock Central High School. I chose Audiology because of my cousin, Aaron. [READ MORE ABOUT ERICA]

Sylvia Alobuia

Sylvia Alobuia – Dental Hygiene

Meet Sylvia Alobuia in our Dental Hygiene program. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP “Self-confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement.” My name is Sylvia Alobuia, and this quote by Brian Tracy is one I have held dear to my heart since my family and I relocated to the United States in [READ MORE ABOUT SYLVIA]

Emily Youngblood

Emily Youngblood – Dietetic Internship

Meet Emily Youngblood in our Dietetic Internship program. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Emily Youngblood. I grew up in San Diego until I was 14 and have lived in Little Rock since then. From the time I could stand on a step-stool, I was interested in cooking. My entire childhood I [READ MORE ABOUT EMILY]

Raven Hefner

Raven Hefner – Medical Laboratory Sciences

Meet Raven Hefner in the UAMS Department of Laboratory SciencesMedical Laboratory Science program. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Raven Hefner, and I am honored to be given the opportunity to share my story with the health care community! I was born in Jacksonville North Carolina at the Marine Base Camp Lejune, Oorah! [READ MORE ABOUT RAVEN]

Carson York

Carson York – Physician Assistant

Meet Carson York in our Physician Assistant program. He is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Carson York and I grew up in Salem, a small town in north central Arkansas. After high school, I attended the University of Central Arkansas where I received a bachelor’s degree in biology. When I was going through the application [READ MORE ABOUT CARSON]

Nicolis Russell

Nicolis Russell – Ophthalmic Medical Technology

Meet Nicolis Russell in our Ophthalmic Medical Technology program. He is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Nicolis Russell. I have family and friends that call me Nico, because of the untraditional spelling of my name. I also don’t mind when people call me Nic, because I realize that is the traditional “nickname”. I [READ MORE ABOUT NICOLIS]

Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace – Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Meet Heather Wallace in our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program in the Department of Imaging and Radiation Sciences. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Heather Wallace. I grew up in Pine Bluff, AR but moved to Fort Smith, AR. I graduated in 2010 from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville with a Bachelor’s degree in [READ MORE ABOUT HEATHER]

Kendra McCraney

Kendra McCraney – Respiratory Care

Meet Kendra McCraney in our UAMS Respiratory Care Education Program in the UAMS College of Health Professions. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Kendra McCraney. I am from Helena-West Helena, AR. I chose Cardio-Respiratory Care after shadowing my aunt, who is a respiratory therapist. I aspire to work towards leadership in respiratory therapy via the [READ MORE ABOUT KENDRA]

Joanna Murphy

Joanna Murphy – Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Meet Joanna Murphy in our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program in the Department of Imaging and Radiation Sciences. She is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Joanna Murphy. I am originally from a little town in Iowa called Algona, but I have lived in Little Rock for the last 3 years. I have always known that I [READ MORE ABOUT JOANNA]

Shanario Whitfield

Shanario Whitfield – Cytotechnology

Meet Shanario Whitfield in our UAMS Cytotechnology Program in the UAMS Department of Laboratory Sciences. He is our featured Student Highlight #UAMSCHP My name is Shanario Whitfield I am from Nassau, Bahamas. By profession I am a Medical Technologist, with extensive experience in Medical Microbiology. One day I discovered an opening for a Cytotechnologist position at the Princess Margaret [READ MORE ABOUT SHANARIO]