About The College

Dean’s Office and Office of Admissions Faculty & Staff

Susan Long, Ed.D.
Telephone: (501) 686-6851
E-mail: longsusanl@uams.edu

Wade Anderson, MBA
Associate Dean of Administration
Telephone: (501) 686-6852
E-mail: wanderson@uams.edu

Phyllis Fields, M.Ed.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Telephone: (501) 686-6856
E-mail: pafields@uams.edu

Reza Hakkak, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research
Telephone: (501) 686-6166
E-mail: hakkakreza@uams.edu

Tina Maddox, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Telephone: (501) 686-6854
E-mail: tmaddox@uams.edu

CJ Carrell
Department Business Administrator
Telephone: (501) 686-5732
E-mail: carrellcarolj@uams.edu

Lyndsay Johnson, M.S.
Director of Student Services
Telephone: (501) 686-5722
E-mail: ljohnson4@uams.edu

Deborah C. Taylor, B.S.
Executive Assistant III
Telephone: (501) 686-5731
E-mail: taylordeborahc@uams.edu

Rob Tolleson, B.A.
Student Service Specialist
Telephone: (501) 686-5730
E-mail: robt@uams.edu

Teresa Whitley, B.A.
Recruiting Specialist
Telephone: (501) 526-6594
Email: twhitley@uams.edu