Catalogs and Handbooks

The UAMS Catalog and Handbook are provided on this web site free of charge in the .pdf format.

Download the current catalog - 2020-2021

Addendum to the 2020-2021 catalog

Since the publishing of the new UAMS catalog, a few changes have been made to some of our programs.  Those changes are highlighted in the list below.

  • Genetic Counseling GRE Requirement Waived:  In response to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, some academic institutions are waiving requirements for the GRE for applicants. Our Genetic Counseling M.S. program has elected to waive the requirement for the GRE for Fall 2021 admission.
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences MLT-to-MLS Spring Admissions Program Track:  The MLT-to-MLS Degree Completion program is now offering a Spring admission cycle that runs for four semesters.  While the admissions information was published in the catalog, the program curriculum for students starting in the Spring semester was not.  You can find that new program track by clicking this link.
  • Physical Therapy Prerequisites:  The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program has updated their recommendations for courses to take to meet their prerequisite requirements.  You can view that updated list on their Admission Requirements page.
  • Physical Therapy CASPer Requirement:  The CASPer Test requirement for the DPT program now includes completion of a “Casper Snapshot”.  You can learn more about that on their Admission Requirements and/or How to Apply pages


Prior to 2019, UAMS’s five colleges and Graduate School all had their own individual catalogs.  In 2019, UAMS transitioned into a campus-wide catalog, which you can download above.  Below are the CHP-specific catalogs from previous years.

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