Web Utilities


The following are Web utilities that may be useful or needed for Blackboard courses at UAMS:

For Windows users:

For Mac users:

Note of caution, the various browsers above will ‘fight’ for control of your web access.  Decide which you want to be your default (usually the one you are most familiar with) and do not let the other make itself the default browser – you should be given a chance to make this choice.   In addition, if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is AOL you will need to download one of the browsers listed above. AOL’s Web browser does not work with the UAMS Blackboard courses.  The Opera browser is also not supported at this time.

Blackboard Mobile

In addition to the browser version of Blackboard, you can also get Blackboard Mobile Learn for your smart phones (fees may apply, so be sure to check the cost before downloading).  Click here to learn more about Blackboard Mobile Learn or click a link below to go right to the download page for your device:

Productivity Tools

If you need to do Web searches, www.google.com is recommended, among others.  Google  is a very fast, good search engine.

Google also offers free versions of some of the most popular tools from the Microsoft Office Suite, including Document (like MS Word), Spreadsheet (like MS Excel), and Presentation (like MS Powerpoint).  Most Microsoft Office files are compatible with the Google versions.  These tools can be found at http://drive.google.com

Media Programs

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)
    • This program is used to open and read PDF files.  PDF = ‘Portable Document Format’.  Scroll down toward the bottom and click on ‘Adobe Reader’  under the ‘Download’ category.
  • Windows Media Player (free)
    • This program plays many types of media files, including audio and video files.  There are numerous plug-ins available around the web to expand this program’s capabilities, as well.
  • QuickTime (free)
    • This program plays certain types of Web video clips, those created on Apple Macintosh PC’s
  • Realplayer (free)
    • Scroll down and look for banner: ‘RealPlayer 8 Basic’ – is our free player.  Used to play many common Web video clips, sound, and music.