March 22, 2019

Meet Foster Boadi Amoah in our Medical Laboratory Sciences Program

Meet Foster Boadi Amoah in our Medical Laboratory Sciences program. He is our featured student highlight.

My name is Foster Boadi Amoah. I am originally from Ghana, West Africa and relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2013. I am on active duty in the Navy and currently enrolled in the Medical Laboratory Sciences program pursuing my second baccalaureate degree.

I chose this program because I am military trained Medical Laboratory Technician, and UAMS – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences recognized and accepted my previous course work which made me closer to earning my second bachelors degree in Medical laboratory Science. I already hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education from the University of Education, Winneba in Ghana, an associate in Health Sciences degree from George Washington University and a Master of Science in Health Sciences also from George Washington University with a major in Molecular Diagnostic Science.

My goal is to become a scholar in the field of Medical Laboratory Sciences with specialization in Molecular Medicine, and also to continue my Naval career as a commissioned officer upon graduation. My favorite quote has always been “where determination exists, failure cannot dismantle the flag of success”.

To future students, there are a lot of opportunities in the field of Medical Laboratory Sciences and I will encourage you to explore and pursue a career in this field. You will never be out of a job. In the face of challenges, I take a step back, relax, get help and advice when needed and be responsible for the decisions I make.

My motivation are my two daughters Michelle(3 years) & Jenelle (18 months); I want to be a role model and a father they can look up to and be proud of when they grow up.