Prerequisite Courses

  1. Successful completion of a 3-semester credit computer fundamentals course is required for the HIT program. This course must have been taken within seven years of entry into the program.  The applicant has the choice of:

    A. Completing a computer fundamentals course prior to enrollment in the HIT program and forwarding a transcript to the CHP Welcome Center. – or

    B. Challenging the course to receive credit by examination. The examination must by conducted by the HIT program and completed prior to enrollment in the program. Please contact the program for more information on credit by examination.  – or

    C. Enrolling in a computer fundamentals course offered by the HIT program during the first semester of enrollment in the program.

  2. Applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of 3 SC of college course (non-developmental course) prior to enrollment to the HIT program.  The computer fundamentals course may fulfill this requirement if completed prior to enrollment in the HIT program.  Please contact the program for more information.
  3. Students must complete 35 SC of general education courses prior to entry into the program or as co-requisites completed before an A.S. degree will be conferred. Those 35 SC, along with the 3 SC computer course prerequisite, total 38 SC of coursework to be completed in addition to the HIT curriculum.  Below is a detailed list of the general education courses and the program prerequisite:
Area/Typical Course TitleMinimum Semester Credit
English Composition
Two-semester sequence of English Composition6
Speech Communication
Fundamentals of Speech or Speech Communication3
College Algebra (or higher level Mathematics)3
Two-semester sequence of Anatomy and Physiology with laboratories* **8
Fine Arts
Architecture, Film, Photography, Music, Art or Theater
Philosophy, Political Science, Literature, or Humanities
History of the United States or National Government3
Introduction to Sociology3
General Psychology3
Computer Concepts or Computer Fundamentals3

* Anatomy & Physiology courses must cover all body systems and include accompanying laboratory sections.  If taken at a college where this is offered in one course, the student must take an additional 4 SC laboratory biology course to satisfy the 8 SC of laboratory science.

**Students must complete Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology (HIMT 1301), and Pathophysiology (HIMT 1304) prior to beginning the sequence of coding courses (HIMT 1309, HIMT 2302, and HIMT 2305).