Clinical Curriculum

Course NumberCourse TitleSemester Credits
MPAS 5895Summative Evaluation1
MPAS 5896Capstone Project2
MPAS 5901Elective Rotation I3
MPAS 5902Elective Rotation II3
MPAS 5951Clinical Rotation I5
MPAS 5952Clinical Rotation II5
MPAS 5953Clinical Rotation III5
MPAS 5954Clinical Rotation IV5
MPAS 5955Clinical Rotation V5
MPAS 5956Clinical Rotation VI5
MPAS 5957Clinical Rotation VII5
MPAS 5958Clinical Rotation VIII5
MPAS 5959Clinical Rotation IX5
MPAS 5960Clinical Rotation X5
Total Clinical Phase Credit Hours59
Total Hours from Didactic Phase69
Total Program Credit Hours128

A grade of “C” of better must be achieved in all courses.  A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required to earn the degree.  See program handbook for more information.