A respiratory care student intubating a doll

Why a Master’s Degree in Respiratory Care from UAMS?

The Master’s of Science in Respiratory Care (MSRC) degree prepares students to become excellent clinician and professional leaders in Respiratory Therapy. The program provides students with a strong, comprehensive foundation in clinical practice, education, evidence based medicine, and leadership. As an entry-to-practice program, no prior health care experience is required for admission. Students learn to increase their critical thinking and decision-making ability, which allows them to recommend treatment based on individual patient needs. UAMS offers a comprehensive academic medical center environment that provides a wide scope of educational and clinical experiences for the MSRC degree at an exceptional value.

What can you do with a master’s in respiratory care?

MSRC graduates are well suited for:

  • Clinical Practice: Advance your career to practice in high-demand specialty areas: cardiopulmonary, critical care, diagnostics, neonatal, pediatrics, sleep medicine, transport, home care, and research.
  • Disease Management: Collaborate with the interprofessional team to treat and recommend therapy for chronic disorders such as COPD, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, and neuromuscular disorders.
  • Leadership Positions: Position yourself for professional and clinical leadership roles as a respiratory care department manager, director or supervisor
  • Education: Fill clinical educator roles that teach practicing respiratory therapists or a faculty role teaching respiratory care to students
  • Discharge Planning: Work with the interprofessional team to create patient care plans
  • Business and Corporate Positions: work in research, product development, marketing, education, sales, and support for respiratory care equipment

How does a master’s degree add value to my professional career?

Respiratory therapists pursuing a master’s degree in the field will obtain a higher level of clinical understanding and prepares them to become a leader in the profession. The in-depth curriculum gives them the skills and confidence to analyze the latest health care research and apply it clinically to improve patient care. A master’s in respiratory care will set students apart from their colleagues when applying for desirable positions and promotions. The degree can accelerate your career path to meet your personal and professional goals sooner.

Program Accreditation

The MSRC program (#220176) in Little Rock, Arkansas holds Provisional Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (www.coarc.com).