RRT AS-to-BS – Admissions

The information below applies to the Fall 2023 admission cycle.

Full time AS-BS degree completion classes begin the day after Memorial Day each year in the summer semester.  Full time applicants should have all documentation submitted by April 15.

Part time AS-BS degree completion classes begin with the fall semester.  Early application is encouraged because conditional acceptance is often offered to qualified applicants prior to May 1 each year.

Applications can be submitted electronically through the UAMS Office of Admissions.  Complete information can be found at:  https://healthprofessions.uams.edu/programs/respiratorycare/how-to-apply/

Applicants for the non‐traditional AS‐to‐BS degree completion program tracks must also provide:

  • Proof of RRT Status: Applicants must submit NBRC verification of the RRT credential.
  • Statement of Career Summary and Goals: A typewritten statement that summarizes the applicant’s educational and professional goals, and explains how completion of the BS degree will assist him/her in completion of career goals must be submitted.
  • A traditional resume of educational and professional achievements using a chronological or functional format.
  • TOEFL scores as applicable. See International Applicants in the Admissions/Academic Information section of the catalog.

New Graduates

Candidates who apply prior to graduation are asked to submit a letter of recommendation from their Program Director.

New graduates must have obtained the NBRC RRT credential six months from graduation.  If not completed within 6 months from graduation, the student will be allowed to complete the semester in which they are currently enrolled, but will not be allowed to enroll in the next academic term or future academic terms until the NBRC RRT credential is obtained.

Military and METC Graduates

UAMS and the Cardio-Respiratory Care program values the sacrifices and academic preparation of those who serve in our armed forces. Your successful completion of the Medical Education and Training Campus programs and NBRC credentialing exams demonstrate your preparation for advancing your degree.  The education you have received at various accredited colleges and universities can be used to satisfy the prerequisite course requirements. The Cardio-Respiratory Care program awards full transfer credit for 36 hours of course work completed in the METC Army / Navy Respiratory Therapist program or METC Air Force Respiratory Care Practitioner program.

A faculty advisor is available to assist you in the admissions process.

To schedule an appointment contact the program at 521-526-4490 or chpadmissions@uams.edu.

For additional information contact UAMS Veterans Services https://registrar.uams.edu/veteran-services/