Program Requirements

In order to apply for the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence, students must complete all program, academic and practicum requirements, which include: successful completion of the department’s academic, supervised practicum, and research requirements, as well as passing the comprehensive examination.  Successful completion of the program does not itself insure certification and/or licensure.  Each student is responsible for familiarizing himself/herself with the applicable certification and licensure requirements.


Undergraduate course work in mathematics (college algebra or higher) and in biological, physical, and behavioral sciences is required. A course in statistics is required. If you do not have a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, ten pre-professional courses must be taken prior to admission into the program.

NOTE:  Admissions is aware that due to COVID-19 and the impact on colleges and universities, some students are being issued pass/fail, credit/no credit prerequisite grades. We are acceptable of that grading system during the semesters/quarters impacted by COVID-19 as long as the college or university documents “pass/P or credit/CR” and the credit hours on the transcript. Students who believe they would have earned an A or B in required CSD courses, are encouraged to request a brief letter from the professor who taught the course attesting to the student’s high performance in the course.  These letters can be submitted with the student’s application and do not replace the three letters of recommendation.