Smith, Catherine M., M.Ed., B.S., CT(ASCP)CM.
Assistant Professor and Program Director, Cytotechnology (2015)
Education Coordinator and Instructor, Cytotechnology (2008)

B.S., University of Arkansas, 2004; B.S., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2006. M.Ed., University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 2012.

Dr. Nathan Johnson
Johnson, Nathan H., Ph.D., DLM(ASCP), MASCP, MT(ASCP), SC, SLS, CC(NRCC)
Chair, Laboratory Sciences; Program Director and Associate Professor, Medical Laboratory Sciences
B.S., Louisiana Tech University, 1989; M.A., Incarnate Word College, 1995; M.S., University of Utah, 1995; Ph.D., Mississippi State University, 2003.


Massoll, Nicole A., M.D.
Associate Professor of Pathology and Medical Director of Cytotechnology (2010).

B.S., Hendrix College, 1990; M.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 1994.


Wingfield, Allison O., M.S.M.S., B.S., CT(ASCP)CMMBCM.
Adjunct Lecturer, Cytotechnology (2015).

B.S., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2010; M.S.M.S., University of South Florida Medical School, 2011.


Leslie Mosley
Mosley, Leslie
Executive Assistant I